Sunday, May 26, 2024

Singlewire Announces InformaCast Mobility for Extended Notification Reach

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Singlewire Software, a leader in network-centric notification solutions, has introduced InformaCast Mobility, a significant expansion to its mass notification system. This new feature is designed to extend the reach of emergency communications to mobile and landline phones, bridging the gap for those who are off-campus or away from traditional on-site alerting systems.

InformaCast Mobility integrates seamlessly with existing InformaCast systems, allowing organizations to include external phones, emails, SMS text messaging, and cellular phones as part of their emergency response strategies. This enhancement is facilitated through a mobility plugin, enabling the quick setup of recipient accounts that can be added to existing notification groups.

Ken Bywaters, Executive Vice President of Product Development at Singlewire, emphasized the importance of this development, stating, “We’ve made it easy for organizations running InformaCast to expand their notification reach to people who are at home or away from work. With the push of a button, notifications that reach internal systems like overhead paging, Cisco IP phones, and digital displays can now extend to mobile and landline phones outside the organization.”

InformaCast Mobility requires a subscription service available through Singlewire, which supports the delivery of both audio and SMS text messages to external devices. This ensures that critical alerts reach the right people, no matter their location, enhancing safety and operational effectiveness.

Singlewire’s InformaCast platform, renowned for its robust and versatile notification capabilities, is widely used by over 3,000 organizations in 45 countries. Developed initially in response to the need for rapid evacuation capabilities after the 9/11 attacks, it has grown to support a wide array of communication needs across numerous sectors.

For more detailed information on InformaCast Mobility visit their website at

About Singlewire Software

Based in Madison, Wisconsin, Singlewire Software develops and supports advanced voice applications that prioritize security, speed, and reliability. Their flagship products, including InformaCast, PushToTalk, and RemotePhoneControl, offer innovative solutions for mass notification and communication challenges.

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