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Ströer Group Acquires ECE Flatmedia

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Ströer out of home media logo• Outdoor advertising specialist expands reach

• 1,000 screens in shopping centers, train stations add digital network

• In future, more than 2,000 screens in high-frequency locations

The Ströer Group is expanding its portfolio of digital outdoor advertising around the area shopping centers. With the acquisition of ECE flatmedia GmbH, a subsidiary of ECE and a leading provider of digital brand communications and promotions in shopping malls, Ströer reinforced its commitment to the motion picture market, which were previously only TV and Internet provider on the road. The offer of the Cologne-S Dax company that includes digital motion picture systems in the 200 largest German railway stations, subway and suburban railways, airports and now also in Germany’s biggest shopping malls.

In the shopping malls nationwide by about 50 shopping centers in the ECE reach more than 1,000 flat-screen TVs, according to the ECE flatmedia Association for Consumer Research (GfK), now about 10 million people per week. Ströer is increasing the number of commercials and share information and connect with its expertise in digital advertising concepts in Munich. From there, all types of offer on the digital advertising Ströer be coordinated and centrally switched.

“We are witnessing a restructuring of current through the digitization of the market: held in the categories of TV, print, online and poster to think, we speak in the future of still and moving images, indoors or outside. The screens are for me, but no outdoor advertising: I see here in addition to TV and Internet, the third pillar in the motion picture market. With the screens of ECE, we reach more target groups such as the auto driving shopper and move even closer to the point of sale. With the addition of our new digital screens at the largest German railway stations with the largest screens in shopping centers, we are able to achieve a range of well over 25 percent, “explains Udo Müller, CEO of Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG.

The Ströer Group is set up by the end of the year more than 1,000 screens in moving the 200 largest German railway stations have and give to the digitization of an innovative outdoor advertising push. The rapid development of the media plays a large role. Recent studies in the field of neuromarketing research to prove that the inclusion of pictorial, emotional advertising messages on frequency-rich places like train stations or shopping centers, the buying decision much more affected than previously thought.

Henrie W. Kötter, CEO of ECE Center Management: “We have done three and a half years of successful pioneering work in a completely new market. Now we were given the strong growth in digital outdoor advertising in the strategic decision whether to continue with the ECE flatmedia want to be active outside of shopping centers. I am pleased that our commitment has more than paid off and by working with the Ströer AG has opened further opportunities. ”

About Ströer
Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG and its subsidiaries, is the specialist for all forms of advertising that come out of the house to use – from the classic poster media over the advertising on bus shelters and means of transport to the modern digital offerings in the outdoor advertising. The group sold more than 280,000 billboards, is a consolidated turnover of € 531.3 million for the full year 2010, the market leader in Germany, Turkey and Poland and a leading outdoor advertising company in Europe. The company offers its customers extensive networks for national advertising campaigns – since December 2010 builds Ströer on one of the largest moving image network with national coverage in the German outdoor advertising. By the end of 2011, 1000 high quality screens at the 200 busiest railway stations are linked together and controlled centrally from Munich and switched. In addition, Ströer over a wide range of outdoor advertising products that set quality, innovation and design in advertising and street furniture, new standards. Ströer street furniture has been honored 27 times with international prizes. The Ströer Group employs approximately 1,700 people at more than 60 locations.

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About ECEECE flatmedia logo
The ECE was founded in 1965 by pioneer Prof. Werner Otto and is still family owned. It develops, designs, builds, leases and manages shopping centers and large since 1965, with 140 shopping centers in the management and operations in 16 countries in the European market leader in this field. Generate in all ECE centers around 15,000 retail shops on a total sales area of ​​4.4 million square meters annual sales of 16 billion €. These centers include the Alstertal shopping center in Hamburg, the Olympia Shopping Centre in Munich and the beast has just recently opened Gallery in Dortmund.
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Press Ströer:

Claudia Fasse
Ströer Out-of-Home Media AG
Director of Corporate Communications
Ströer Allee 1, D-50999 Cologne
Phone: 02236 / 96 45-246 Fax: 02236 / 96 45-6246
E-mail: cfasse [at]

Press Contact ECE:

Robert Heinemann
ECE Project Management G.m.b.H. & Co.. KG
Corporate Communications Director
Phone: 040 / 60606-6353
E-mail: press [at]

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