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Camvine Launches Digital Signage App on the iPad

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Camvine Launches CODA Player for iPadNew app turns your iPad, iPhone or iPod mobile device into a CODA digital display for cloud-based content

Camvine today announced that a new mobile app for its CODA cloud-based digital signage platform is now available free-of-charge at the Apple Store. The CODA Player app enables users to include iOS mobile devices – iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch – as portable digital displays in their digital signage networks, and facilitates the demonstration, sharing or previewing of content to others while on-the-move, in real-time.

Existing CODA users can simply download the CODA Player app and link it to their online account. New users can gain a taste of the CODA experience by setting up a free CODAview web service account online at

“The new CODA Player app will give our existing customers a highly useful demonstrator of CODA, whilst its availability on the ubiquitous iOS platform provides new opportunities to deliver services,” said Steve Hales, Head of Sales & Marketing at Camvine. “For those using CODA for the first time, it gives a real taste of the CODA digital signage experience – not only the ease with which users can display a rich variety of live, personalised content, but also the straightforward nature of the content management system.”

Camvine’s CODA makes it quick and easy for businesses, schools, retail stores and media networks to run their own information channels. They can schedule videos, images, presentations, charts and tickers, and integrate this content with live information from the Internet and other sources to display on screens anywhere in the world.

The CODA web service allows users to control any of their screens from any location using any web browser. There is no need to install any software; the web service provides full facilities to manage digital signage networks, drag-and-drop interfaces to organise content and create unique playback schedules for each CODA screen.

The CODA Player offers a slimmed down version of the full CODA media player experience. Connected to an online CODA account, it can show movies, images, web pages and tickers; connect with live news, travel and weather information; and keep up to date with social media feeds such as Twitter, Facebook and Flickr.

Although the Apple iOS platform limits the range of media compared with full CODA digital signage players, it still offers a rich variety of content, including calendars, CODAapps, Flash, images, PDFs, photocasts, PowerPoint presentations, RSS feeds, Camvine Signwriter digital signs, templates, tickers, videos and Web pages, along with CODA schedules, playlists and smart playlists.

The CODA Player app requires iOS 4.0 or later. Further information is online at

About Camvine:

Camvine is a cloud-based digital signage company that makes it easy for clients to show live and compelling content on digital displays. The firm is actively seeking reseller partners around the world. Based in Cambridge, UK, and established in 2007, Camvine brings the values of web 2.0, such as openness, simplicity, accessibility, extensibility and affordability, to the digital signage world. Customers benefit from a ‘drag and drop’ style CODA web service, ‘plug and play’ hardware and an open API to link with other services. Playlists automatically refresh from RSS media feeds and services like SharePoint, SAP, Google Apps, Salesforce and Twitter. CODA runs on a range of devices, including media players, integrated displays, smartphones and iPads. Camvine’s channel partner programme enables OEMs, distributors and resellers to resell CODA around the world, either straight out of the box or as a rebranded product. Camvine also offers partners a customisation service to tailor digital signage solutions to different market applications. Visit

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