Wednesday, June 19, 2024

22Miles Unveils Cost-Effective AI Tools for Mobile Wayfinding Deployments

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22Miles, a leader in digital signage software and interactive digital solutions, has introduced three new AI tools – AI 3D Map Generation, AI Widget, and Offline AI. These tools aim to accelerate deployments, enhance user experiences, and reduce costs for 22Miles wayfinding customers. This release underscores the company’s commitment to providing innovative and cost-effective AI solutions for its core applications.

“At 22Miles, we understand the challenges of integrating AI tools, and we believe these advancements are essential for companies,” said Joey Zhao, co-CEO and founder of 22Miles. “Our new AI features are designed to be practical and user-friendly, enabling our customers to deploy impactful wayfinding solutions quickly and affordably.”

Customers can now benefit from rapid and cost-effective deployment of AI-powered wayfinding and conversational AI solutions, improving user experiences while minimizing costs and deployment challenges.

AI 3D Map Generation

AI 3D Map Generation enhances the efficiency and precision of interactive mapping, allowing users to navigate venues, events, and campuses with ease. This AI-driven approach reduces mapping time by 50 to 80 percent compared to manual methods, maintaining high accuracy. The hardware-agnostic 22Miles content management system (CMS) supports these maps on kiosks, signage, and mobile devices. The maps comply with ADA standards, ensuring accessibility for all users.

AI Widget for CMS

The AI Widget for CMS integrates the 22Miles AI Assistant with mobile wayfinding through the 22Miles CMS platform. With a simple drag-and-drop process, the AI widget enables the easy addition of conversational AI to wayfinding deployments. Customers can customize greetings, error messages, and integrate their ChatGPT accounts. This tool uses a proprietary training process with live data integration to provide accurate, context-aware, multilingual responses without additional configuration, streamlining setup for optimal engagement and functionality.

Offline AI

The new Offline AI system offers instant responses without requiring Wi-Fi or cellular connections. This system allows customers to deploy a conversational AI chatbot within a downloadable app, occupying as little as 77MB of storage. Utilizing a proprietary AI model, Offline AI provides faster responses than online GPT models and ensures data security with local storage. Additionally, Offline AI offers predictable pricing, independent of query volume, avoiding the pay-per-query costs associated with online models.

These features complement the latest AI releases from 22Miles, aimed at enhancing customer interactions. In Q2 2024, 22Miles plans to release further updates to its proprietary model and improve token security for its online application.

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The new AI tools from 22Miles are a game-changer for wayfinding solutions. The AI 3D Map Generation drastically cuts mapping time, while the AI Widget simplifies adding conversational AI. Offline AI ensures instant, reliable responses even without internet. These innovations not only enhance user experiences but also make deployment faster and more cost-effective.

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