Sunday, March 3, 2024

C SEED Showcased Innovative 137 Inch Unfolding N1 TV at ISE 2024

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At ISE 2024, C SEED showcased their innovative N1 TV, a remarkable 137-inch unfolding television that is transforming the landscape of home entertainment. This cutting-edge device exemplifies the fusion of design, technology, and functionality.

Revolutionizing Home Entertainment

The N1 4K 137 inch indoor TV has revolutionized home entertainment with its unique design and versatile placement options. It can be situated in front of a window or a wall, breaking the traditional boundaries of TV placement. The easy-to-install and practical design of the N1 TV transforms any living space into a multifunctional area for entertainment and social activities.

C SEED’s N1 TV is not just about modular convenience; it’s a spectacle of unfolding technology. In a swift and silent process, the TV rises to 7.8 ft in 60 seconds and unfolds its five panels in 25 seconds, revealing a stunning 137 inch MicroLED display. This technological marvel is not only functional but also a visual attraction, adding an element of wonder to any room.

The N1 TV uses MicroLED technology to provide a superior viewing experience, surpassing conventional TVs in brightness and color vividness. It features integrated audio and a sophisticated control system for an immersive experience. The Adaptive Gap Calibration technology developed by C SEED ensures seamless picture quality with each unfold, automatically adjusting brightness for the perfect view.

The N1 TV offers remarkable flexibility, with a screen that rotates 180 degrees left and right, ensuring optimal viewing from any angle. When not in use, the TV folds back into its base, transforming into an elegant piece of furniture or sculpture, thus contributing to the room’s aesthetic appeal.

Produced in Austria, the N1 TVs are available in C SEED Silver and C SEED Champagne colors, and come in three sizes: 165, 137, and 103 inches. This range addresses various spatial and viewing requirements. The N1’s all-in-one solution eliminates the need for complex installation, offering ease and convenience.

C SEED maintains its status as a leader in luxury TV technology, building upon the success of the C SEED 201 TV by Porsche Design Studio. With a decade of experience in high-end entertainment technology, C SEED continues to push the boundaries of design, engineering, and technological innovation.

About C SEED

Established in 2009, C SEED is renowned for its luxury unfolding entertainment technology. Headquartered in Vienna, Austria, with a production facility and showroom in Beverly Hills, California, the company specializes in providing innovative entertainment solutions for a discerning clientele.
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