Monday, February 26, 2024

LIVE BOARD and News Technology to Start Taxi DOOH Advertising in Tokyo

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In an innovative partnership set to reshape the landscape of outdoor advertising in Tokyo, LIVE BOARD Co., Ltd. and News Technology Co., Ltd. have announced the integration of the vast network of taxi signage media, “THE TOKYO TAXI VISION GROWTH” (GROWTH), with the LIVE BOARD programmatic advertising distribution starting February 14, 2024. This partnership marks the first time GROWTH’s 11,500 taxi units will be linked with LIVE BOARD’s advertising marketplace, offering an innovative approach to Digital-out-of-home (DOOH) advertising.

GROWTH, managed by News Technology and hailed as one of the largest taxi signage media networks in Tokyo, covers approximately 42% of the legal taxis operating within the Tokyo metropolitan and Musashi transport regions, showcasing its extensive reach. The collaboration aims to leverage NTT Docomo’s locational data and analytics capabilities to sell impressions based on the estimated number of people who actually see the ads, a method aligned with global OOH management guidelines.

This initiative represents a significant step for LIVE BOARD, expanding its network beyond outdoor visions, train interiors, station premises, and in-store signage to include taxi signage media. The move is designed to enhance ad engagement across all consumer touchpoints, further broadening the scope of advertising opportunities available to marketers.

The integration of GROWTH’s media network with LIVE BOARD’s platform is expected to provide advertisers with a more precise and effective way to reach their target audience, utilizing visibility-adjusted contact (VAC) impressions. This method calculates the potential number of impressions based on the likelihood of an ad being seen within the media’s visible area, offering a more accurate reflection of an advertisement’s reach.

LIVE BOARD’s commitment to a data-driven approach in the DOOH sector, coupled with its dedication to improving the ease of advertising in this space, underscores the innovative spirit driving this collaboration. By harnessing the power of big data and advanced analytics, the partnership between LIVE BOARD and News Technology promises to deliver enhanced targeting capabilities and more effective advertising solutions, setting a new standard for DOOH advertising in Tokyo and potentially influencing broader market practices.

For more details on this visit LIVE BOARD’s official website and News Technology’s official website.

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