Thursday, April 25, 2024

Vestel and TrilbyTV Team Up to Enhance Learning Environments at Bett UK

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Vestel Visual Solutions, a leading global manufacturer, has partnered with TrilbyTV, an innovative education content platform provider, to transform traditional classrooms. This alliance, highlighted at the Bett UK event, represents a major advancement in converting conventional classrooms into dynamic and technologically sophisticated learning spaces.

The partnership combines Vestel’s European-made display panels and interactive screens with TrilbyTV’s dynamic content platform, aiming to enhance the learning experience in schools and colleges by making interactive learning more accessible. Vestel showcased its new Android 13 System on Chip (SoC) embedded Interactive Display screens at Bett UK, highlighting their commitment to the education sector and corporate boardrooms with unparalleled user experiences, stunning visuals, and seamless touchscreen performance.

Vestel’s digital displays and IFPDs, known for their high quality, reliability, and affordability, serve as the perfect medium for TrilbyTV’s CMS platform. This collaboration allows for seamless integration of local and third-party content across unlimited screens, enhancing educational content delivery and engagement. TrilbyTV supports playback on various devices and offers a rich catalogue of pre-made content and templates, contributing to a more immersive and interactive educational environment.

Tim Mathews, Senior Product Manager at Vestel Visual Solutions, emphasized the importance of Bett UK as a platform to showcase their efforts in transforming education. He highlighted Vestel’s ability to drive down the cost of digital and interactive displays for education, facilitated by their extensive manufacturing capabilities in Europe. Neil Emery, Director at TrilbyTV, praised the partnership with Vestel, noting their shared commitment to simplifying digital signage for schools and enhancing whole school communication, community cohesion, and parental engagement.

The collaboration showcased at Bett UK included live demonstrations of TrilbyTV’s CMS working seamlessly with Vestel displays, illustrating the potential impact on education at every level. This partnership reflects both companies’ commitment to advancing educational technology and creating more engaging, accessible, and effective learning environments.

Vestel Visual Solutions is dedicated to leveraging the power of displays to create engaging environments, offering a wide range of exceptional products tailored to customer needs, supported by extensive manufacturing capabilities and a global reach. TrilbyTV, with over 25 years of edtech experience, continues to provide simple, affordable, and effective content management solutions to propel the future of digital and interactive education.

For more information about their innovative solutions and products, visit Vestel Visual Solutions at and TrilbyTV at

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