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Samsung’s Gaming Hub Unleashes Live Rocket League Showdown in Spectacular 3D at Piccadilly Lights

Collaborated with Ocean Outdoor to Deliver a Dynamic 3D Gaming Experience

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London – Samsung Gaming Hub, in collaboration with Cheil and Ocean Outdoor, has transformed the iconic Piccadilly Lights into a mesmerizing 3D livestream featuring two gaming influencers engaging in a thrilling Rocket League challenge. The groundbreaking event utilized Ocean Outdoor’s DeepScreen® ALIVE technology, elevating the digital out-of-home (DOOH) experience to new heights by incorporating live reactions from the on-site spectators.

The event, titled Samsung Gaming Hub Challenge feat. Rocket League, showcased a 15-minute intense gaming showdown on London’s Piccadilly Lights, where influencers @ApparentlyJxck and @Vatira5 battled it out for the prestigious title of Samsung Gaming Hub Champion.

To bring this spectacular event to life, Ocean Labs and Ocean Studio collaborated to design a captivating 3D animation of a Samsung Smart TV, presenting the game as if onlookers were watching it on their own TV sets. The creative endeavor was reinforced by Ocean’s first-ever live-rendered DeepScreen scene via Ocean Vivus, an innovative hardware and software system incorporating the Unreal gaming engine for real-time responses and 3D interactivity.

Gus Grimaldi, Head of Product, Europe, Samsung Electronics, expressed excitement about pushing the boundaries to create engaging customer experiences, stating, “Our Gaming Hub capabilities were showcased in an incredible 3D display on London’s Piccadilly screen. Whether you’re a novice or pro-level gamer, gaming is for everyone. Our Gaming Hub provides thousands of games at your fingertips, and we’re delighted to bring this to life on such an iconic London landmark.”

Melanie Blood, Head of Project Management at Ocean Labs, highlighted the significance of live rendering in DeepScreen ALIVE, stating, “Live rendering in DeepScreen ALIVE via the Unreal engine means we can take livestreaming to a new dimension, allowing audiences to interact live with DeepScreen experiences even more than before.”

During the event, Piccadilly Circus audiences were encouraged to share their reactions and support by scanning a QR code with their mobile phones, accessing a microsite, and selecting an emoji reaction. These interactions were instantly displayed on the colossal screen, fostering a sense of community engagement.

Samsung, a longstanding advertising partner of the Piccadilly Lights, operated by Ocean on behalf of Landsec, continues to pioneer immersive experiences that captivate audiences and redefine the boundaries of digital advertising.

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