Sunday, July 21, 2024

JCDecaux Introduces Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home Advertising in South Africa

Revolutionizing Outdoor Advertising: JCDecaux and VIOOH Bring Programmatic Precision to South Africa's Digital Out-Of-Home Landscape

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Johannesburg, SA – JCDecaux, the global leader in outdoor advertising, has launched its Programmatic Digital Out-Of-Home (prDOOH) advertising service in South Africa. This development is in collaboration with VIOOH, a top-tier global Digital Out-Of-Home (DOOH) supply-side platform.

With this new service, JCDecaux South Africa offers advertisers access to over 170 digital screens located in shopping malls, railway stations, roadside spots, and airports across seven provinces, including Gauteng, Western Cape, and KwaZulu-Natal. The prDOOH service provides advertisers with enhanced control, transparency, and flexibility, allowing for precise targeting, contextualization, and campaign optimization.

Powered by the VIOOH Trading Manager, JCDecaux South Africa can now trade advertising inventory programmatically in real-time. VIOOH’s technology aligns digital OOH with omni-channel marketing, benefiting media owner partners by improving operational efficiency, managing programmatic deals, and optimizing yields.

Lunga Majija, Managing Director at JCDecaux South Africa, commented, “Our goal is to offer data-led programmatic DOOH media strategies that enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of advertising campaigns. With prDOOH, we aim to help advertisers boost consumer engagement by integrating digital channels.”

Gavin Wilson, Global Chief Customer and Revenue Officer at VIOOH, added, “Launching in our twenty-first market and first in Africa with nearly 200 screens is an exciting milestone. We are committed to transforming OOH advertising and its role in multi-channel digital campaigns through programmatic technology and data.”

Programmatic buying and real-time management of digital media offer brands high levels of flexibility and efficiency. The prDOOH service allows advertisers to access new metrics, use audience and targeting data, and integrate seamlessly with other media channels. This innovative approach is expected to transform the DOOH landscape in South Africa, enabling advertisers to deliver more targeted and relevant messages to consumers.

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