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Texas Rangers to Upgrade Rangers Ballpark with Daktronics Video Displays and Integrated Digital Media Network

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Texas Rangers_Daktronics LED Video DisplaysDaktronics Inc. of Brookings, S.D., announced today that the company has been chosen to provide a high-definition upgrade for the Texas Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The project, subject to final contract execution, will incorporate large-screen light emitting diode (LED) displays, professional grade LCD screens and a powerful control system to deliver high-definition digital content throughout the venue.

“Our fans will be treated to a new entertainment experience with these video, technology and audio upgrades,” said Rangers Managing Partner and CEO Chuck Greenberg. “We are pleased to be working with Daktronics in bringing the newest integrated display system technology and the highest quality video to Rangers Ballpark in Arlington.”

The Home Run Porch, behind right field, will feature a new video display measuring approximately 42 feet high by 120 feet wide. A new video display will also replace the existing monochrome “Coke” display in centerfield and will measure approximately 25 feet high by 28 feet wide.

Both the Home Run Porch and Coke displays will utilize Daktronics newest 15 millimeter LED technology, featuring enhanced resolution and improved image quality. This technology and its control system allow for complete flexibility in programming. The video boards can operate as single large displays or be divided into multiple zones (windows) to show a wide variety of statistics, information, graphics, animation, and live and recorded video.

The new Daktronics LED video displays, and the existing ribbon and field-level displays that were installed in 2009, will be combined with more than 800 Sony® professional-grade LCD monitors to create a venue-wide digital media network. The Daktronics system will be an internet protocol television (IPTV) solution that delivers different live content on 10 high-def channels to any display in the venue.

The Rangers will take advantage of Daktronics industry-leading data integration capabilities to instantly present up-to-the-minute scores, statistics, news and information on any IPTV channel.

Daktronics IPTV system also offers the unique opportunity to provide true sponsor exclusivity. Operators will have the ability to override content on any or all LED or LCD displays in the ballpark to show a sponsor’s logo or advertisement guaranteeing venue-wide exposure and greater value for marketing partners, and increased revenue opportunities for the property and its tenants.

At the center of the control solution will be the company’s new Show Control system, with the ability to take in various video, scoring, timing, statistical data and out-of-town scores and even point of sale information. With the Show Control system, all displays across the network can be turned on or off, their volume adjusted, or channel changed so all the displays show the same piece of content. One system provides total control and total integration. With the click of a single button one message can be delivered anytime to all displays everywhere throughout the ballpark.

“Since the opening of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington in 1994, Daktronics has worked with the organization to help provide the tools needed for a great game-day experience,” said Brent Stevens, Daktronics Regional Sales Manager. “We are excited to continue our precedent of bringing the latest in integrated display system technology to the Rangers and Rangers Ballpark.”

About Rangers Ballpark in Arlington

On April 1, 1994, a new era for the Texas Rangers began with the opening of Rangers Ballpark in Arlington. The beautiful baseball-only facility serves as the centerpiece of a 270-acre complex which solidifies Arlington, Texas as an entertainment giant in the Southwest.

Rangers Ballpark in Arlington, completed in just 23 months, is a state-of-the-art building with the utmost in customer convenience. Yet, the 49,170-seat open-air ballpark was designed and built with tradition and intimacy in mind, containing features such as a granite and brick facade, exposed structural steel, an asymmetrical playing field, and a home run porch in right field. Texas architecture is featured throughout, from the outer facade to the Lone Stars in the concourses and on the seat aisles.

About Daktronics

Daktronics has strong leadership positions in, and is the world’s largest supplier of, large screen video displays, electronic scoreboards, computer-programmable displays, digital billboards, and control systems. The company excels in the control of large display systems, including those that require integration of multiple complex displays showing real-time information, graphics, animation and video. Daktronics designs, manufactures, markets and services display systems for customers around the world, in sport, business and transportation applications. For more information, visit the company’s World Wide Web site at:, e-mail the company at sales [at], call (605) 692-0200 or toll-free (800) 325-8766 in the United States or write to the company at 331 32nd Ave. PO Box 5128 Brookings, S.D. 57006-5128.

Source: Daktronics

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