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Chicago Rolls Out Massive Daktronics Screens for Celebration

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GoVision brings world’s largest mobile LED unit to Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup parade
When you’ve waited nearly half a century to celebrate a Stanley Cup title, you don’t skimp on the festivities. So when the City of Chicago mapped out its parade route for the Blackhawks and their two million elated fans, they knew ordinary “big screens” wouldn’t do.

This was a job for “GoBigger,” the world’s largest mobile LED screen. The 19’ x 33’ mobile unit, provided by Texas-based rental company GoVision (www.jumbo.tv), features Daktronics (Nasdaq-DAKT) HD-16 LED video technology and was strategically positioned at the corner of Michigan Avenue and Wacker Drive, not far from the main stage. A second mobile LED unit, the 9’ x 12’ “GoTron,” was stationed further down Michigan.

GoVision, one of the nation’s premier suppliers of turnkey mobile LED units and customized modular LED walls, microwaved the program signal from its switching studio within the GoBigger unit three blocks away to the GoTron unit, and supported the production with two cameras – capturing the stars and other dignitaries as they addressed the crowd from the stage.

“That’s the most awesome video screen I’ve ever seen,” said Bill Plaske, a diehard Blackhawks fan who fondly recalls the team’s last Stanley Cup victory from his younger days. “I was so far back in the crowd, I never thought I’d see a thing. But it felt like [Jonathan] Toews was standing right there next to me! Where do I get me one of those?”

“Events like this never get old for us,” said Chris Curtis, CEO of GoVision. “It’s always an honor to be a part of a city-wide celebration, and what better place for us to show off GoBigger than in front of two million crazy fans.”

This was the second year in a row that GoVision was enlisted for a Stanley Cup celebration. The City of Pittsburgh also brought in GoBigger to broadcast the festivities during its victory parade for the Penguins in 2009.

“We’re looking forward to a GoBigger threepeat,” said Curtis. “Whoever hoists Lord Stanley’s cup next year better be ready for their close-up on the world’s largest mobile HD screen!”

About GoVision™

GoVision L.P. (www.jumbo.tv) provides affordable day or night, larger-than-life video broadcast for outdoor and indoor events nationwide through state-of-the-art LED walls and a fleet of custom-built mobile units. Its fleet ranges from GoBigger, the world’s largest mobile high-definition LED screen, to GoTron, a 9’ x 12’ screen perfect for events with smaller crowds and budgets, and everything in between. GoVision boasts the world’s largest inventory of Daktronics 12HD modular rental equipment. The company has had a prominent role in countless national events, including the 55th (Bush) and 56th (Obama) Presidential Inaugurations, the Breeders’ Cup, Olympic Torch Relay and Lance Armstrong’s Ride for the Roses. The Argyle, Texas-based company is the screen provider of the NCAA Final Four, Texas Motor Speedway, Dallas Cowboys Stadium, the University of Oklahoma and San Jose State football teams, and several PGA tournaments.

About Daktronics

Daktronics is recognized as the world’s leading provider for full-color LED video systems. Such Daktronics systems, used in both modular and fixed-installation applications, feature a host of patented manufacturing, image processing and control system techniques and technologies that provide it a significant competitive advantage in the LED video marketplace. Since 2001, independent market research conducted by iSuppli Corp. lists Daktronics as the world’s leading provider of large screen LED video display systems. For more information, visit the company’s Web site at http://www.daktronics.com.

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