May 30, 2023

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First Nations Community creates digital signage network to educate and inform

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Kanenhariyo joins ScreenScape’s Venue Network as Affiliate Partner to create the world’s first Screen Display Network aimed at the First Nations Community

Onkwakara Inc. and Digital Smoke Signals has chosen ScreenScape, an Internet-based Venue Networking solution, as platform provider for their First Nations media network. Digital Smoke Signals has purchased a ScreenScape Affiliate License allowing them to create a community news and advertising network using ScreenScape’s Internet-based service.

“The deployment of ScreenScape throughout the First Nations community will be a vital step in strengthening sustainable economies. The First Nations community has always been recognized for their entrepreneurial spirit. The adoption of a community-based platform like ScreenScape is a testimonial to the progressive thinking of Digital Smoke Signals in support of First Nations commerce. ScreenScape allows us to display up to the minute information such as news and current events, as well as provide a channel for our advertising partners to reach a targeted audience.” said Seth Lefort, of Onkwakara Inc.

Onkwakara Inc. aggregates and distributes news and ad content to the First Nations community of screen displays. The screens will be supplied by Digital Smoke Signals and will be located inside arenas, bingo halls and community centers.

“It’s very easy to populate the screens with content that is relevant to local residents. The ScreenScape platform allows us to speak to and represent the many audiences and voices in our diverse community. Additionally, ScreenScape will assist venues to target the many visitors frequenting locations within the community such as retail stores. Sharing our content within the ScreenScape Community communicates to a large audience.” Lefort continued.

A ScreenScape Affiliate License can be used to develop a screen display network that spans organizational boundaries. This allows for the distribution of messaging and advertising content to all screens within a network. While drawing upon a network partner’s centralized content distribution capabilities, each individual member can create and manage customized local content.

Kevin Dwyer, ScreenScape President and CEO stated, “We’d like to welcome Onkwakara and its subsidiary, Digital Smoke Signals to the ScreenScape Community. ScreenScape’s Internet-based approach and unique business model provides Onkwakara and Digital Smoke Signals with a simple and cost effective way to manage community-based content across a wide variety of venues and allows them to develop their own customized network within the ScreenScape Community. We’re delighted to be working with Onkwakara and Digital Smoke Signals to establish a presence within the First Nations Community.”

About Onkwakara Inc.

Onkwakara Communications & Consulting Inc. provides First Nations communities with a voice. Onkwakara, a Mohawk word meaning “our story” gives a fresh First Nations perspective to the news and current events within our communities.

About ScreenScape Networks

ScreenScape is an Internet Service and Community that offers a smarter, simpler and more cost-effective way to use screen displays in your venue. ScreenScape uses Internetworking principles and social media techniques to build collaborative marketing networks. Compared to traditional Digital Signage and Digital Out-of-Home (DOOH) advertising technologies these networks of interlinking screen displays offer new opportunities for collaboration and commerce at dramatically reduced costs.

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