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SpanImage First to Launch Latest NEC Digital Signage Displays on its Networks

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NEC Display Solutions has confirmed that the very first customer to receive its new 15 series commercial displays for digital signage will be Span Image Kenya.

“This world-first is in recognition of the rapid growth of Span Image networks and continued commitment and co-operation with NEC, “according to Ian Gobey, General Manager of NEC MEA.  “Our close working partnership has been in place prior to the launch of the Span Image networks and we were able to share our extensive experience with them to help ensure a quality system deployment.  It is essential for NEC to partner with the leading companies in this sector and Span Image Kenya has the commitment to excellence that gives us the confidence that our brand continues to be associated with quality,” he added.

Mr. Cyrille Nabutola, Director of Communications for Span Image Kenya commented, “Span Image and NEC have been working closely since our launch in December 2007 and that preparation and planning has paid dividends as we now have the fastest growing installed base of networks in the region. Our rapid expansion plans require us to be quick to deploy the latest technology at our disposal and it is a sign of our growing importance that NEC is launching this new model series with Span Image first as their exclusive partner in Kenya.”

The outstanding sales achieved by NEC Display Solutions with large-format commercially rated LCD displays globally have made the company a leader in the digital signage market. The manufacturer of display solutions with its head office in Munich and Middle East & Africa regional office in Dubai has a market share of 23.6 percent in this product segment in terms of numbers sold and therefore leads the field by a clear margin in the last audited numbers late in 2007. The sales volumes of the 32- and 40-inch format models are particularly outstanding. NEC Display Solutions is in first place (32″) and second place (40″) in the manufacturer rankings with 23.9 and 17 percent market share respectively.

Thanks to a vertical product alignment with special solutions for digital signage, the public sector, point-of-sale or for use in the retail trade, NEC has established itself at an early stage as a competent provider of highly versatile display solutions for all requirements. NEC provides display sizes from 32- to 65-inch in the commercially rated LCD sector.  The addition of the new 15 series being pioneered by Span Image Kenya can only further enhance this position.
NEC continues to expand its market share in the Middle East & Africa region, an area that is recognised as offering significant growth potential for NEC and clearly a significant contributor to this growth is the partnership with Span Image.
“At present NEC and Span Image are expanding our business partnership throughout the MEA region and we are working closely with them, using our expertise in the market to help them deliver high quality signage solutions across a wide range of applications and industries”, according to Ian Gobey.

About SpanImage

SPANIMAGE is a Canadian Owned, Media and Communications Company, headquartered in Sharjah, UAE primarily serving clients in Middle East, Europe and African countries and opened its doors in the pursuit of creating a new breed of marketing & creative expertise through its core competitive divisions SPANDDS – Marketing & Communication consultation of Digital Signage Solution, SPANDESIGN- Design Studio and SPANWEB–e-business solutions .

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