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Sharjah’s Five-Star leisure attraction Al Qasba Deploys SpanImage Digital Information Network

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SpanImage, the UAE’s leading a digital signage firm, announced today that, Al Qasba, Sharjah has deployed a digital information network as a communication platform to its visitors, employees and tenants of current information on services, promotions, policy change and major regional and local news.

Al Qasba, the new face of what was previously known as Qanat Al Qasba, is a favourite family and cultural destination of the region, known to both local residence and travellers. Thanks to the combination of great events of calendar, wide choice of hospitality and of course the iconic ‘Eye of the Emirates’ the giant wheel offering aerial view of the emirate’s corniche, lagoons and landscape as well as the horizons of the neighbouring Dubai.

“Al Qasba is an exciting customer acquisition for us,” said Kadill Ali, the group marketing manager, SpanImage. “In today’s age of information overload, many corporate organisations still rely on email as the primary channel to further their communication. However, digital signage can facilitate the distribution of much more target information and it is very rewarding to see our system be used to its full potential to entertain and inform.

“Since their offices are spread across the large area, each unit with very distinct customer groups and business activity, with Spanimage system we can easily schedule different information to each of the displays located in each area.”

Therefore, he said, “this gives Al Qasba much tailored flexibility to target their messages more closely to the interests of each unit in real time, without having the expense or time lag associated with the traditional printed materials.

“It’s clear that digital signage has gained a great deal of acceptance over the last few years, ” Ali continued.

“Most of our clients are looking for some extended reach and to apply a different approach to that of their competitors. We have been working hard as part of emerging new media to remove as many barriers as possible, therefore, we offer both the creation and remote content management as part of  our turnkey solution to the client. We have a team of people in place who are expert and with over ten years experience in this field.

“We believe the success of this project will allow us to demonstrate, in real terms, the cost benefits that digital signage can deliver to any business organisation as a corporate communication channel.”

About Span Image

SPANIMAGE is a Canadian Owned, Media and Communications Company, headquartered in Sharjah, UAE primarily serving clients in Middle East, Europe and African countries and opened its doors in the pursuit of creating a need breed of marketing & creative expertise through its core competitive divisions SPANDDS – Marketing & Communication consultation of Digital Signage Solution, SPANDESIGN- Design Studio and SPANWEB–e-business solutions .


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