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SpanImage announces first deployment of digital signage in Muscat, Oman

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SpanImage, the UAE’s leading digital signage firm, announced today Oman Oil Marketing Company (OOMC) has chosen their digital solution to act as the communication platform to its visitors and employees to display current information on services, promotions, policy change and major regional and local news.

Oman Oil Marketing Company (omanoil), formed in October 2003, following the acquisition of the majority share of BP Oman by omanoil Company (OOC), omanoil is envisaged to be the future in petrol and lubricant retail in Oman.The department provides a full-service marketing and communications to support all areas of the business.

‘Omanoil is an exciting customer acquisition for us,’ said Kadill Ali, the group marketing manager, SpanImage. ‘This is our 1st project in Oman and we are pleased to have secured such a high profile client,’ in addition to the staff the office is largely visited by distinct business partners and clients. Our system (SpanDDS) will be used as an internal communications network channel to display all major news and company announcements using high end NEC LCD screens.

‘As a company, we at omanoil are always seeking ways to further improve our communication methods, in such tough times; you don’t want to use just emails to announce important news. For example the company needs to get a CEO’s message out to all employees. Now with the use of SpanDDS solution we have a great platform to communicate changes and entertain at the same time,’said, Wisam J. Al-Said, PR & communications manager

He added, ‘Furthermore, the content can easily be scheduled, this gives us much tailored flexibility to target our messages more closely to the target audience in real time, without having the expense or time lag associated with the traditional printed materials. It’s clear that digital signage has gained a great deal of acceptance over the last few years, Kadill Continues most of our clients are looking for some extended reach and applying different approaches than that of their competitor, we have been working hard as part of an emerging new media to remove as many barriers as possible, therefore, we offer both the creation and remote content management as part of our turnkey solution to the client, we have a team of people in place who are experts with over 10yrs experience in this field.’

‘We believe the success of this project will allow us to demonstrate, in real terms, the cost benefits that digital signage can deliver to any business organization as a corp. communication channel,’ Wisam J. Al-Said concluded.


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