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Digital Menu Boards Start of New Technology Wave for the Fast Food Industry

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T3 Media & Print, an innovative printing company, launches Digital Menu Signage Technology. Menus and signage at franchise locations can be auto-updated by Corporate Headquarters, instantly and Nationwide … with just a few clicks on an iPad or Laptop.

T3 Media & Print, a company that is known for selling banners and signs, has introduced a new technological approach to signage that may eventually change the way the world looks.

Normally, small business owners and privately owned franchises will spend a ton of money printing and replacing menu items and time sensitive promotions. This of course costs a lot of money and time, along with the paper and materials it takes to produce this signage. T3 Media & Print, as of May 2011, has begun offering a more cost effective and greener solution to signage for businesses.

Signs and Menu’s of the Future

Instead of vinyl, plastic, and paper displays . . . These displays are full digital LED displays. They are also known as Digital Menu Boards or Digital Signage. All stationary menus, display, and promotional images are electronic. Anytime there is a change in a menu, the store owners can press a few buttons on a laptop or iPad, and update the menu and/or signage. Store Owners can also start and stop any promotion or new items automatically by a preset calendar.

These digital signs are better for the environment and offer a cleaner more appealing customer experience. Along with contributing to a futuristic style appearance, they offer the following benefits:

Benefits for Consumer:

  • More visually appealing environment
  • Easier to read due to the bright High Definition display
  • Same displays used for menus and promo items can also be used to host Videos, TV, Twitter, and the Web
  • Amber Alerts and sever weather updates can interrupt for critical alerts

Benefits for Business owner:

  • Less costly than print
  • Better control and organization.
  • Promotions are always on time, with advanced scheduling and auto changes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, etc.
  • Menu boards can be touch controlled
  • Save money and time on printing new promotions
  • One central command interface, or can be automatically updated regionally by corporate headquarters

Benefits for the environment:

  • No paper used or wasted
  • Less plastic and other materials used

Additionally, these digital signs are also cost effective for the Trade Show Industry, as they can be used as trade show displays, without having to purchase multiple displays for different promotions or for those that own multiple businesses.

The bottom line is that Franchise owners will save money on printing and not have to worry about having employees change out displays. Corporate entities will be able to maintain a more streamlined uniformity for their nationwide locations. Customers will have a better experience, and these digital menu boards could be the beginning of that futuristic appearance that many expected after so many years of watching programs such as The Jetson’s and Lost in Space.

The world expects a cleaner more technological outward appearance to our world, and T3 Media & Print is helping bring that to reality.

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Source: T3 Media & Print

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