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SIO.CO Provides iSCSI Online Storage for Deploid Digital Signage

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Deploid Digital Signage logoDeploid partners with SIO.CO for enterprise online storage hardware and software solutions.

SIO.CO, an enterprise provider of iSCSI storage software has partnered with Deploid digital signage to provide cloud-based storage solutions for digital signage content and digital menu board videos, audio, and graphic still images. As Deploid has witnessed its customer base grow, it has an increased need for scalable cloud computing. Due to the company’s increasing library of stored digital content assets for digital signs, they hold an ever-increasing need for digital storage space, something SIO.CO was able to provide in ample supply at an affordable cost.

As a storage software solution, SIO.CO provides features which allow small businesses to build their own private or public cloud architecture. The software is hardware-agnostic, meaning it can run free of any ancillary server software as its own standalone OS. The software also provides all the features of a standard cloud computing platform including advanced provisioning tools, RAID configuration support, and automation for public and private cloud integration.

The software also fully supports virtualization, allowing online storage operators to work on any number of cloud applications with the SIO.CO storage software in a virtual environment. Users are able to install the software as a VSA or directly on bare metal servers. Even with commodity hardware, users are able to obtain 3GB/sec in sustained IO throughput.

By providing a secure and simple management interface, users are able to provision storage pools in a way that allows many disks to be managed as if they were a single pool. And since users are only required to pay-as-they-go, they are able to save as they will only be consuming what they actually need.

“The SIO.CO system allows us to more easily allocate our digital storage needs which are growing at an ever-expanding rate,” says Deploid Sales Engineer Stein Chu. “The SIO.CO solution allowed us to perform what we needed at a fraction of the cost of other name-brand solutions. We couldn’t be more pleased.”

About Deploid Digital Signage

Since 2008, Deploid has been providing expert digital signage consulting and solutions to customers across the globe. Some of Deploid’s customers include the American Red Cross, The U.S. Marine Corps, Con-Way Trucking, Arizona State University and Marriott. The company provides enterprise signage software, hardware, integration and hosting solutions for businesses seeking to deliver messages to audiences in out-of-home environments. Deploid is located in Seattle, WA. For more information, please visit http://www.deploid.com/

About SIO.CO

Formerly, Online-Storage.com, SIO.CO is a Seattle-based online storage provider for the SMB. The company provides storage software for businesses small and large who may be looking to enhance their current array or storage options or who may be looking for an inexpensive way to build their own cloud infrastructure. For more information on the company’s offerings, please visit http://sio.co/

Source: Deploid Digital Signage

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