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Yeahpoint and TOSHIBA TEC combine forces

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TOSHIBA TEC invests in global digital specialist Yeahpoint to expand further into the rapidly growing self service market

Digital self service company Yeahpoint and TOSHIBA TEC, one of the leading companies of the TOSHIBA group, have signed an agreement for TOSHIBA TEC to make an investment into Yeahpoint.

The purpose of the investment is to gain serious market traction by combining the size and market strength of TOSHIBA TEC with the agility and expertise of Yeahpoint, to create a new global leader in the implementation of self service solutions.

The partnership, the result of lengthy negotiations, was made on April 1 2011 at TOSHIBA TEC’s offices in Singapore, and sees TOSHIBA TEC buy a 12 percent stake in Yeahpoint.

Market Focus:
With the digital self service market tipped to boom over the next five years, this new deal positions Yeahpoint and TOSHIBA TEC strongly as key players in what is one of the fastest growing areas for many sectors including retail, financial services, government and health to name a few. With TOSHIBA TEC already owning a high market share in the point of sale market, Yeahpoint’s solutions are set to add serious value to their already successful worldwide operations.

According to Yeahpoint Chief Executive Officer John Anderson, “We can apply a digital self service solution in any instance where there is a defined process, which just goes to show the industry’s incredible potential for growth,” he said. “In fact, it is not uncommon for us to implement a software solution that provides a company with 100 percent return on investment within just six months.”

Yeahpoint and TOSHIBA TEC will be providing multi platform solutions to a wide range of global markets that integrate and add to the consumer experience utilising tablets, product vending, motion sensors, biometrics and analytics to streamline any process in any application.

TOSHIBA TEC Singapore’s President and Chief Executive Officer Takeshi Hiyoshi believes that the deal has the ability to not only change the global interactive self service landscape, but shift the balance of power between global technology heavyweights.

“Now we have the best self service technology in the world and are already way ahead of our competitors in this young marketplace,” said Mr Hiyoshi. “Yeahpoint is an extremely driven organisation that has had incredible success already and now, by combining both our companies’ strengths, we are looking to dominate the global self service sector.”

About Yeahpoint:
Established in Australia in 2003, Yeahpoint has provided a wide range of self service solutions to organisations around the globe with over 70 percent of the company’s operations now overseas. Mr Anderson is now predicting extensive further growth over the next few years as Yeahpoint utilises TOSHIBA TEC’s current networks to drive further implementation of self service solutions.

“We have potentially unlimited resources to change the way people do business and interact globally,” said Mr Anderson. “Just like how smartphones are now dominating the market, digital self service is the next big thing and rest assured, we have big plans in store.”

Yeahpoint is a global leader in digital point of sale marketing software and have developed solutions across a wide number of industries including automotive, retail, healthcare and telecommunications, to name a few. For more information on Yeahpoint, please visit www.yeahpoint.com.

TOSHIBA TECis engaged in digital product business of the TOSHIBA group. Expanding its operation for the whole of the world, the range of products is formed by POS (Point of Sales) systems for retail industry, in particular keeping the top market share in Japan, Barcode printing and RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) system for manufacturing, logistic and retail industry, and MFP (Multi-function Peripheral) for the office use. TOSHIBA TEC keeps creating products at any time for efficient business processes and innovated new value with customers in mind.

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