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AOpen Digital Engine DE67-HA and DE35-HD certified by Cittadino

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AOpen Digital Engine DE67 HA and DE35 HD certified by CittadinoAOpen Digital Engine® DE67-HA and DE35-HD have been Cittadino certified.  Both Digital Engines were successfully tested with the picturemachine® fast edit® and picturemachine professional® software by Cittadino.

The tested media player DE67-HA supports the latest 2nd generation Intel Core Processor Family i3, i5, i7, which offers improved adaptive performance and built-in visual capabilities to bring more intelligent performance to your PC.
The Digital Engine DE35-HD is specially designed for the digital signage industry as a cost effective and graphically strong media player.

Both digital signage media players have a high performance and unprecedented level of graphics integration. This builds a new foundation for high performance multi-media content delivery in a unique small form factor (uSFF) and power efficient platform.  They have passed shock and vibration operation tests with 40,000 hour MTBF and the compact size makes these players suited for installation behind a display, in a kiosk or POS system.

The Digital Engines were tested with two Cittadino software solutions.  The picturemachine software, is a modular software for the production, distribution and monitoring of multimedia content. With this instrument for Instore Communication you can provide the target groups in the market with relevant content and advertisement opportunities.
The second software is the picturemachine fast edit. This is a hardware independent Digital Signage platform for beginners and local networks with templates, channels and the possibility for content subscriptions. Fast edit allows the simple implementation of your own marketing- and advertisement strategies.

Extensive testing has shown that AOpen hardware and Cittadino software components work together successfully and represent a professional complete solution for the trade.

“As part of our goal of professionalization of the DS market, we certify together with the PC, display and peripherals manufacturers devices for use with our software products picturemachine ® fast edit®, picturemachine® fast edit® plus® and picturemachine professional.

We are very pleased that we were able to win the premium manufacturer of DS Engines AOpen for this concern.
As expected, we have achieved the best results, so that the buyers of AOpen products will achieve optimum performance within our software versions.

Another important step for a convenient Digital Signage market has been completed, which assures customer security in their projects “said Peter Medam, Cittadino Head of Project Management.

About Cittadino
Cittadino is the leading provider and developer of systems for Digital Sales Communication (DSC). Cittadino provides solutions for trading companies to present their products and themselves through digital signage advertising at the Point of Sales (POS) which supports the increase of the volume of sales. Cittadino supplies software as well as hardware and also has a very wide spectrum of information channels, which can be sent via network to the online systems, which could include for example live news and weather data or video films that are tailor made for the company by Cittadino’s  inhouse video production department. All the above can be mixed to suite the individual customers’ wishes.

About AOpen

AOpen, Inc. has more than 15 years of IT hardware manufacturing experience along with keen insights into IT industry trends that help drive the continuous development of high-end IT solutions.

As the leading manufacturer of reliable, powerful and green hardware solutions world-wide, combined with the unique small form factor of the specially designed media player called AOpen Digital Engine, AOpen is able to provide an outstanding platform for 24/7 operability in applied computing. The range of players, from low-end to high-end with fan or fanless, are designed for excellence:  from basic bare systems to state-of-the-art multimedia solutions built to fit customers’ needs. The WarmTouch series complements the AOpen product line with small and extremely sleek displays with or without touch. With in-depth market knowledge AOpen can offer advice for complete digital signage platform solutions. AOpen cooperates with its global value added channel network to go to market.

Source: AOpen

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