Thursday, November 30, 2023

BANCARIBE, a leading bank in Venezuela, deploys Digital Signage Billboards across its headquartes

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In order to effectively maintain its employees timely informed, BANCARIBE is using digital signage billboards with real time content, maximizing the impact of the information received by each employee.

The banking sector is an early adopter of digital signage, they used it to inform its employees through internal communication and at bank agencies to addressed the customers. In Venezuela, the bank BANCARIBE initiated a digital signage project that would allow its employees to be timely informed thru screens located on all floors of corporate headquarters. This new communication medium, commonly known as Digital Signage, transmits in real time different content, in regards to the location of the screens, thus maximizing the impact of the information received by each type of audience.

With this objective, IMVINET joins BANCARIBE to develop this project resulting in the installation of 36 screens with three channels displaying different content, while a corporate network broadcasts material that reflects the image and mission of the bank, another channel transmits product training, financial services such as mortgages, credit, insurance and investments and economic information from sources in real time as the TV or RSS feeds.

Banks use digital signage because it is an efficient and effective solution that not only inform customers about available services and promotions within the branch, but also acts as a form of entertainment, reducing the perceived waiting time and ensuring consistent corporate communications and training. One of the most important benefits of bank digital signage is the ability to provide relevant information, continuously updated, at strategic times of the day.

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IMVINET is a Digital Signage Integrator based in Venezuela, providing sales and services (hardware, software, installation, content creation and administration).


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