Monday, December 11, 2023
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Tony Golfeados food franchise in Venezuela welcomes Digital Signage MenuBoards

The Digital Signage MenuBoards were installed in both horizontal and vertical orientation, thus increasing the impact on the viewer while segmenting the type of...

Hobby 2000 toy stores integrate Digital Signage to inform and entertain customers

This corporate vision to directly reach their customers - where and when these are feasible to make a purchase - has boomed allowing Hobby...

General Motors expands its Digital Signage Network

In response to the need to communicate across the enterprise in a more efficient, rapid and agile way, General Motors activate new Digital Signage...

BANCARIBE, a leading bank in Venezuela, deploys Digital Signage Billboards across its headquartes

In order to effectively maintain its employees timely informed, BANCARIBE is using digital signage billboards with real time content, maximizing the impact of the...

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