May 30, 2023

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Tony Golfeados food franchise in Venezuela welcomes Digital Signage MenuBoards

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The Digital Signage MenuBoards were installed in both horizontal and vertical orientation, thus increasing the impact on the viewer while segmenting the type of content in each orientation.

Tony Golfeados expanding franchise in Venezuela, decided to implement a dynamic MenuBoard to integrate not only the product options available, but also social networks like Facebook, FourSquare and Twitter.

The MenuBoardsconsists of four (4) screens and three (3) of them were installed horizontally, which transmits the menus according to a schedule and type of food, but at the same time the last screen was set in vertical format, which is used to inform, offers, promotions, community events, etc … that will add value to the customer information. Thus, the screens allow not only complement the shopping experience for each customer, but also to link them directly with the opinions others customers have of the franchise, through social networks.

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