Saturday, September 23, 2023

HISPANIA Funeral Services integrates Digital Signage screens to its locationes

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Digital Signage screens has become a major part of HISPANIA’s communication strategy

Following the modernization plan, HISPANIA – Funeral services announced to its customers and friends the opening of the new digital directory system, which replaces the traditional manual scoreboard. This innovative device offers real-time information being made ​​funerals at the funeral home, hours, output, and other information. It also incorporates the latest news, weather forecast, twitter and information of general utility. It will be composed of several LCD monitors located on the main points of the funeral home.

IMVINET, a Digital Signage company, develops and manages the contents of this channel. Also, developed interactive templates in order that they can interact in real time and update the information displayed for each screen.

The project includes 32-inch screens located in strategic locations in each of the funeral, where they are deployed separate channels for each of these locations.

IMVINET is a Digital Signage integrator based in Venezuela, providing sales and services (hardware, software, installation, content creation and administration).


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