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WebDT Digital Signage System Illuminates Amway Brand Center in Malaysia

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DTResearch Amway Brand CenterWebDT Signage Appliances and Content Management Software Enable Dynamic Interactive Signage

DT Research™, Inc., an industry leader in the development of information appliances for vertical markets, announced that the Amway Brand Center in Malaysia deployed the WebDT Signage System, including WebDT Signage Appliance players and the WebDT Content Manager (WCM) software.

The WebDT SA3200 and SA2000 Signage Appliance players were chosen for high performance, quality video processing, and energy efficient operations. The WebDT Signage Appliance players offer capable handling of heavy-loading, high-quality media content that must be quickly updated and broadcast in real-time to designated screens.

The WebDT Signage System enables the Amway Brand Center to provide information with an interactive approach, allowing visitors to activate content. Several methods for video playback are used, including looped media segments, motion-sensor invoked, and some product stations offer interactive content. This approach gives visitors an interesting and engaging experience while exploring the center.

For the motion-activated display areas, the WebDT SA2000 and SA3200 signage players are integrated with I/O trigger-ports connected to motion detection sensors, enabling the automatic video playback as soon as a visitor moves into the area. The sound file also plays if the motion is detected and shuts off after 12 seconds if there is no further movement.

The WebDT Content Manager (WCM) is the web-based server software providing central management of the WebDT signage players and remote control of content design and distribution over a network. Using an intuitive interface, project administrators can easily manage, schedule, and update the media content for each SA player and monitor the entire signage system in real time through the network.

The WCM software provides a Software Development Kit (SDK) tool that allows developers to efficiently integrate third-party applications with the WebDT signage system, lending to customizable installations for a wide range of projects. In the Amway Brand Center, the motion sensor technology has been integrated with the WebDT signage network to enable the automatic video playback triggered by movement.

The WebDT signage players are fully integrated with the center’s automation control system for streamlined management from a central location. The control system is capable of remote shut- down, power-on, triggered video playback and sound from the signage players to the LCDs, TVs and projectors.

The Amway Brand Center is now able to provide visitors with dynamic information and presentations, representing the value of the brand and a compelling experience. The WebDT digital signage system, which was installed by 3wired, has delivered the needed flexibility and performance for Amway to bring its creative vision to life.

The installation at the Amway Brand Center has also been honored with the DSE Apex Award in the Business, Industry & Government category, recognizing innovation in the development and deployment of technology in the global DOOH industry. The Apex Awards are presented during the DSE Awards Banquet on Wednesday, Feb. 23 at the Paris Hotel in Las Vegas.

About DT Research

DT Research™ develops and manufactures web-enabled information appliances for vertical applications. The WebDT family of products is based on embedded computing platforms for secure, reliable, and cost-effective computing. WebDT products include digital signage solutions, wireless tablets, point-of-service handhelds, compact modular systems, and display- integrated information systems. These systems emphasize mobility, wireless connectivity and touch displays. Powered by Windows® Embedded and Windows XP operating systems, WebDT devices offer durability and ease in integration, leading to solutions that can be remotely managed with the comprehensive WebDT Content Manager and WebDT Device Manager software. For more information, visit

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About 3Wired

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Source: DT Research

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