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Haivision 2011 NAB Show Preview

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Haivision Unveils Fifth Generation Appliance at the 2011 NAB Show

At the 2011 NAB Show, Haivision will unveil its fifth-generation compact H.264 appliance, an advanced platform that enables simple multistream content capture, streaming, and rebroadcast regardless of network capabilities. Based on Haivision’s high performance H.264 technology, this new appliance from Haivision combines real-time encoding, high performance storage, and abundant processing power with simple, task oriented user controls for recording, and automated publishing of multistream content. Visit the Haivision 2011 NAB booth to see the new product.

Haivision Products at the 2011 NAB Show

2011 NAB Show Debut! Furnace™ 6.0 IP Video System with Synchronized MultiStream™ Record, Playback, and Customizable User Interface
Haivision will be demonstrating the evolution of its acclaimed Furnace™ IP video distribution system. Furnace 6.0, with enhanced workflow and a new InStream™ player, now supports MultiStream™, the ability to record, distribute, and playback multiple synchronized HD H.264 media streams. Furnace 6.0 with MultiStream enables users to record a classroom environment, with both the speaker and any computer content streamed and captured simultaneously at full frame rate, in high-definition (HD)/high resolution, and in real time.

With Furnace 6.0, applying real-time metadata (HotMarks™) and automatically publishing multistream content to authorized users is simple with new and optimized recording workflows. Furnace 6.0 can also be extended to capture more than two media streams, making it the ideal platform for recording and reviewing simulations and events with HD video sources.

Furnace 6.0 also includes a revamped InStream – Haivision’s patented client/server player technology. InStream now offers multistream support in a highly customizable player interface. InStream’s multimedia user experience and screen format can be established easily by administrators, by assigning screen layouts and capabilities to specific content, users, or groups, or users can freely create their own multistream player formats with drag and drop ease.

New at the 2011 NAB Show: CoolSign Digital Signage Solution
Haivision’s CoolSign digital signage solution boasts all the features and functions for any signage need, from smaller installations to sophisticated multiscreen landmark displays to large-scale global networks. Launched in 1998, CoolSign has a long legacy of innovation, pioneering many aspects of digital signage technology including n-tier architecture, native multicasting support, real-time connectivity, full edge device monitoring and control, flexible media scheduling, closed data architecture, bandwidth usage controls, and many others. Secure, scalable, reliable, and efficient, CoolSign serves the demands of myriad retail, government, financial services, corporate, and pure-play digital out-of-home advertising (DOOH) networks around the globe.

Makito™ Family of HD H.264 Encoders and Decoders
New Makito™ Encoder

The Makito™ offers the most efficient and affordable distribution, capture, and rebroadcast of HD video. The Makito represents the first and only full-featured high-performance compact encoder to combine the efficiencies of H.264 video compression and the image quality of full HD video within a very small form factor at a competitive price point.

Recently upgraded to revision 1.5, the Makito now supports constant bit rate (CBR) encoding to assure transport and system wide compatibilities and, optionally, real-time metadata capabilities. The metadata option allows users to incorporate KLV metadata into the compressed video stream with the data obtained from the serial port, from auxiliary data fields within the digital video stream, or from UDP network sources. The Makito provides H.264 encoding at up to 1080p60 with the lowest available end to end latencies.

Also at the 2011 NAB Show will be the Makito Air™, a ruggedized version engineered for airborne video and ideal for military, security, and law enforcement applications. Features include added real-time metadata (KLV and CoT) support, operation with MIL-STD connectors, and compliance with stringent DO-160 specifications.

Makito™ Decoder
Haivision’s Makito™ H.264 decoder offers the most extreme low-latency decoding available with less than 70 milliseconds of latency at video resolutions of up to 1080p60. When paired with the popular Makito HD H.264 encoder, this system provides efficient delivery of HD video via HD-SDI or HDMI output. Sharing the space-saving, miniblade form factor, and low power requirements of the Makito encoder, this is an optimal solution for applications that need professional-grade, low-latency, high-performance video decoding.

Company Overview:

Based in Montreal and Chicago, Haivision Network Video is a private company and a world leader in delivering the most advanced and intelligent IP video networking and digital signage technology. Haivision’s products are deployed worldwide within the foremost Fortune 100 companies; in the most rigorous military and defense applications; in state-of-the-art healthcare facilities for video collaboration and training; in highly renowned educational institutions for IPTV, teaching, and signage; in the most efficient interactive broadcast applications; and within the world’s leading TelePresence suites. Haivision distributes its products through value-added resellers, system integrators, distributors, and OEMs worldwide.

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