Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Wallboard CMS Expands Market Reach with Acquisitions of Keywest Technology and Unified Brand

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Wallboard CMS, has announced the acquisition of Keywest Technology and Unified Brand. These strategic acquisitions are designed to expand Wallboard’s market share, integrate experienced professionals, and drive growth and innovation. The acquisitions will add over 500 unique end-user accounts to Wallboard’s current base of more than 2,000 end-user accounts.

Wallboard’s focus on advanced technology and customer service is reinforced by these acquisitions, strengthening its position in the digital signage industry. The integration of Keywest Technology and Unified Brand will expand Wallboard’s customer base and software licenses while enhancing its team with skilled sales and support personnel.

“These acquisitions are a significant step towards our goal of becoming a market leader,” said Rod Roberson, CEO of Wallboard. “By integrating Keywest Technology and Unified Brand into Wallboard, we are expanding our capabilities and resources, aligning with professionals dedicated to innovation and customer satisfaction.”

The acquisition of Keywest Technology brings additional development resources to Wallboard, including a team of developers specialized in digital signage technologies. This team will receive cross-training to contribute to the Wallboard platform, boosting the company’s innovation potential.

Wes Dixon of Keywest Technology commented on the acquisition: “Joining Wallboard is an exciting opportunity. We’ve thoroughly evaluated multiple organizations, and Wallboard stood out as the ideal partner. Our clients are our top priority, and we are confident this new phase will provide them with greater value and success.”

Unified Brand, a provider of content management services since 2011, specializes in custom content creation for its business partners. The company brings a comprehensive suite of products, extensive customer relationships, and a team of digital signage experts to Wallboard, enhancing its strengths in digital signage and content management.

“Unified Brand is well-positioned to enhance Wallboard’s product features and support processes for our growing partner community,” said Guy Tonti, President of Unified Brand.

Guy Tonti will continue as President of Unified Brand, which will now operate as a division of Wallboard. Additionally, he will take on the role of General Manager for Wallboard’s new Managed Content Services division, driving growth through innovative products and enhanced support for Wallboard’s partners and customers.

For Wallboard’s existing customers and partners, these acquisitions demonstrate the company’s growth and commitment to supporting a larger market with improved capabilities. “Our customers can expect continued improvements in our service quality as we integrate these new teams and technologies,” stated Danny Hagen, Chief Revenue Officer at Wallboard.

About Wallboard CMS

Wallboard CMS is a software company specializing in digital signage solutions that help businesses effectively communicate with their audiences. Focused on innovation and customer service, Wallboard CMS provides advanced technology solutions and comprehensive support to clients worldwide. Web: https://www.wallboard.us/

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