June 7, 2023


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CBS Outdoor Debuts First Ever High-Definition Video “Platform Posters” in New York’s Times Square

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CBS Outdoor has unveiled the world’s first-ever high-definition video platform poster, the Video Two-Sheet, as part of HBO’s True Blood® campaign. This state-of-the-art New York transit advertising campaign is located at Times Square subway station, one of the world’s most iconic, heavily trafficked subway stations.

CBS Outdoor is launching the first-of-its-kind campaign on behalf of HBO, which is promoting the third season of True Blood, premiering on HBO, June 13 at 9 p.m. As part of the promotion, HBO will be showing commuters a preview of the new season of True Blood using an ultra-thin 10-inch LCD screen, with audio, embedded into traditional two-sheet posters as part of HBO’s Times Square Subway Domination.

The unique design of the self powered Video 2-Sheet brings traditional subway posters to a new level of engagement. CBS Outdoor worked with its partners Engagement Media and Standout Graphics to create this new digital media format.

“CBS Outdoor is very excited to showcase our latest digital media format with HBO,” said David Lane, vice president, digital media, CBS Outdoor. “The combination of digital media and print gives us the opportunity to create unique, personal and engaging experiences for the consumer on behalf of our clients. We continue to innovate and bring new first-of-its-kind digital media formats to market which will enhance our client’s campaigns.”

About CBS Outdoor

CBS Outdoor is one of the largest out-of-home media companies in the Americas (United States, Canada, Mexico and South America), and has a major presence across Europe in the United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Spain and China. With both traditional outdoor and transit advertising properties, this division gives advertisers both breadth of coverage across vast geographies and depth of coverage, providing multiple media opportunities in key markets. For more information, visit www.cbsoutdoor.com.

About HBO

Home Box Office, Inc. is the premium television programming subsidiary of Time Warner Inc., providing two 24-hour pay television services – HBO® and Cinemax® – to approximately 41 million U.S. subscribers. The services offer the most popular subscription video on demand products, HBO On Demand® and Cinemax On DemandSM, as well as HBO GOSM, HD feeds and multiplex channels. Internationally, HBO branded television networks, along with the subscription video on demand products HBO On Demand and HBO Mobile®, bring HBO services to over 50 countries. HBO programming is sold into over 150 countries worldwide.

About Engagement Media LLC

Engagement Media LLC delivers digital enhancements to traditional out of home media environments, often using readily available, cost effective technology in a new or innovative way. Engagement Media’s growing list of solutions includes integration of video screens into existing print billboards, portable wireless video screen networks, e-ink powered signage and Adwalker wearable media systems. Contact: 973-685-5323 or info [at] engagement-media.com.

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Standout Graphics is a cutting edge custom fabrication company specializing in creative marketing and 3D graphics to Outdoor, Theatrical, and In-Store marketing. Contact 818-764-9100 or info [at] standoutgraphics.com.

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