Monday, April 22, 2024

ZetaDisplay delivers a new concept for communicating with retail store customers – in co-operation with Q-Matic

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ZetaDisplay logoZetaDisplay has begun working with Q-Matic, which is a world leader in queuing systems and making customer flow management more efficient. This co-operation is on the basis that ZetaDisplay has developed an adaptation to its media platform for Digital Signage. This solution enables existing infrastructure use a wireless method to put information concerning which queue number is currently being served on to all the displays in the whole store. Instead of constantly watching and waiting at the automated queue display, customers are free to wander in peace and quiet through other sales zones.

Q-Matic is present in 110 countries, with 50,000 installations all over the world. This co-operative agreement applies in the first place to the Nordic market.

ZetaDisplay is in an expansive phase and has positioned itself in the market by being able to show markedly increased values for its clients by means of the companys media platform for Digital Signage.

ZetaDisplay is a leading supplier of Digital Signage within retailing and in public environments in the Nordic market. ZetaDisplay has about 40 employees and has continued in recent years to grow in Sweden, while having subsidiaries in Denmark, Norway and Finland.

CEO Leif Liljebrunn
Telephone number: +46 070 845 80 52
E-mail: leif.liljebrunn [at]

Source: ZetaDisplay

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