Monday, December 11, 2023

SNA Displays Builds New 3D Digital Display for Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex

A Spectacular Technological Marvel Now Welcomes Visitors to the Kennedy Space Center

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Florida – The Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex has unveiled an awe-inspiring addition at its entrance – a cutting-edge 3D digital display that promises to transform the way visitors experience the past, present, and future of the United States space program. This extraordinary development, known as the “Kennedy Entry Experience,” is set to leave space enthusiasts and curious minds in absolute wonder.

Spanning an impressive 3,000 square feet, the state-of-the-art LED video wall is a visual masterpiece, using technology from SNA Displays and animated content by Blunt Action to transport guests on an exhilarating journey through space exploration history. The Kennedy Entry Experience is destined to be an educational and entertainment focal point for all those visiting this iconic space center.

The captivating six-minute video, which plays continuously throughout the day, offers a visual extravaganza that includes iconic moments in space history, former President John F. Kennedy’s historic “We choose to go to the Moon” speech, and glimpses into the future of NASA’s ambitious endeavors. In the words of Therrin Protze, Chief Operating Officer of the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, “John F. Kennedy is an important part of NASA’s history, and his commitment to landing humans on the moon serves as a guiding light for NASA’s space program.”

But the Kennedy Entry Experience is more than just a remarkable display; it serves a dual purpose. This technological marvel also functions as an integral part of the emergency alert system, ensuring the safety of park guests during inclement weather events. Additionally, future plans include the capability to stream live launches and special events, making it a dynamic addition to the Kennedy Space Center’s offerings.

The Kennedy Entry Experience stands proudly next to the iconic NASA logo sculpture, symbolizing its integration into the heart of the center’s mission to educate, inspire, and commemorate space exploration. It offers an interactive and immersive platform that underscores the significance of the Kennedy Space Center as a hub of innovation and space history.

In the digital age, the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex recognizes the importance of harnessing cutting-edge technology to engage and educate its visitors. The 3D digital display sets a new standard for visitor experiences, offering a captivating and visually stunning gateway to the world of space exploration.

SNA Displays brings creative visions to life by building high-end digital displays as vivid and dynamic as the imagination. SNA Displays employs a team of SNAPros™—engineers, skilled project managers, systems experts, installation managers, and support staff—whose mission is total project satisfaction.

SNA Displays is headquartered in Times Square and has worked with clients to design and build some of the largest and most recognizable digital spectaculars in the world.

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