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Samsung’s Innovative Micro LED Revolutionizes Display Technology

A Glimpse into the Future of Displays with Samsung's Micro LED

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Samsung Electronics, a global leader in technology and innovation, is set to redefine the world of display technology with its groundbreaking Micro LED technology. Micro LED, a display technology known for its ultra-small LEDs, promises to set new standards for picture quality and immersion. Samsung is ready to make this technology accessible to customers worldwide, starting with an impressive lineup of ultra-large displays ranging from 76 inches to a jaw-dropping 114 inches.

The Future of Displays Unveiled: Micro LED Technology

Samsung Electronics, holding the number one position in the global TV market for 18 consecutive years, has consistently pushed the boundaries of display innovation. Their latest breakthrough, Micro LED, is aptly named because it starts at the smallest unit. The technology relies on ultra-small LEDs, measuring less than 100 micrometers (㎛), which is thinner than a human hair. Unlike traditional displays, Micro LED is self-luminous, emitting light and color independently without the need for a backlight or color filter.

What sets Samsung’s Micro LED apart is the size of its LED elements, which are less than 50㎛, a mere 10% of the size of LEDs used in typical high-resolution displays. These LEDs are constructed from inorganic materials, eliminating burn-in issues and ensuring stable brightness and image quality for over 100,000 hours.

Micro LED stands out as the only display technology that delivers picture quality without light loss, thanks to its RGB self-luminous structure without a color filter. This makes it the ultimate choice for a fully immersive viewing experience, especially in larger sizes like the astonishing 114-inch display that blurs the line between reality and the screen.

A Six-Year Journey to Perfection

It took Samsung’s development team six years of hard work to bring this innovation to life. Many of the process technologies required for Micro LED were groundbreaking and had never been attempted before. Despite skepticism from experts in the industry, the development team embarked on the journey to internalize the core technologies needed for producing Micro LED.

The selection process for the optimal micro LEDs was akin to a gem appraiser choosing the finest diamonds. Only after scrutinizing more than 10 billion LEDs did Samsung’s engineers manage to develop a laser transfer mounting technology capable of positioning 24 million micro LEDs thinner than a human hair with pinpoint precision.

These meticulously assembled modules then undergo an “aging” process that involves hundreds of inspections and operations to ensure that every one of the 24 million LED elements is flawless. The goal is to produce an experience that’s perfect for customers and to eliminate even a single defective pixel over a ten-year lifespan.

Micro LEDs that have completed the aging process then go through a comprehensive calibration process, with each pixel receiving over 43,500 calibrations to achieve pixel-perfect quality. All processes are inspected in minute detail to ensure the best possible viewing experience.

The Ultimate Indoor Display

The end result of this meticulous craftsmanship is a display that combines the advantages of all existing TVs in the market, offering customers a truly exceptional experience. Samsung Electronics is also considering expanding the application of Micro LED to smaller displays, including digital signage and smartwatches, in the near future.

With 24 million ultra-small RGB elements that emit light and color independently, Micro LED promises to elevate the viewing experience for customers around the world. The future of display technology has arrived, and it starts with Samsung’s Micro LED.

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