Thursday, April 18, 2024

Rise Vision and ScoreStream Collaborate to Present a Webinar on Boosting School Spirit and Engaging Students

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Rise Vision, the leading digital signage software solution for schools, is excited to announce a collaborative webinar with ScoreStream, featuring Derrick Oien, the founder and CEO of ScoreStream. Titled “Unleashing School Spirit: Engage Fans and Empower Students,” this webinar promises to provide K-12 educators with game-changing insights and practical strategies to enhance their school community, elevate school spirit, and shine a spotlight on all their sports programs.

In an era where digital methods and social media are connecting schools to their communities like never before, this free webinar aims to unveil a playbook of innovative strategies for schools to harness the power of their digital reach in ways they might not have considered. From boosting school spirit to grabbing media attention, from turning student achievements into athletic scholarships, and beyond, ScoreStream and Rise Vision will equip attendees with actionable tactics to maximize the potential of their digital presence.

The “Unleashing School Spirit: Engage Fans and Empower Students” webinar stands out by offering a comprehensive overview of techniques designed to increase exposure and engagement for all sports programs, not just the usual heavyweights like football and basketball. Derrick Oien, the dynamic leader behind ScoreStream, will guide participants through insights that can give their school a competitive edge online.

Shea Darlison, Head of Marketing at Rise Vision, expressed her enthusiasm, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with ScoreStream for this enlightening webinar. As a new school year approaches, schools must harness their digital footprint in meaningful ways, not only boosting student attendance at sporting events but also increasing student participation in sports within their schools.”

By delving into the replay of the “Unleashing School Spirit: Engage Fans and Empower Students” webinar, educators will gain the tools to maximize their sports teams’ online exposure, actively engage with fans, and proudly celebrate their sports achievements.

Derrick Oien, Founder and CEO of ScoreStream, shared his excitement for the partnership, saying, “I’m thrilled to expand our collaboration with Rise Vision to bring even greater value to K-12 educators. ScoreStream and Rise Vision are on a mission to help schools build a vibrant and engaged school community by championing their sports teams.”

Catch the replay of the “Unleashing School Spirit: Engage Fans and Empower Students” webinar to discover how you can elevate your sports teams to new heights.


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