Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Rise Vision Wins “Student Safety Solution Provider of The Year” at 2023 EdTech Breakthrough Awards

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Rise Vision, a premier provider of digital signage solutions tailored for educational institutions, has been recognized as the “Student Safety Solution Provider of The Year” at the 2023 EdTech Breakthrough Awards. This accolade underscores Rise Vision’s commitment to enhancing campus safety through advanced audiovisual technologies.

At the forefront of Rise Vision’s innovations is its audio experience, which debuted spectacularly at the Danang Fireworks Festival. This event marked the first-ever integration of synchronized audio with a fireworks display, facilitated by Cinewav technology, providing spectators in Danang a synchronized soundtrack that enhanced the visual spectacle of the fireworks.

Furthermore, Rise Vision has developed a Classroom Alerts feature, integrating seamlessly with top emergency management systems like CrisisGo, Singlewire InformaCast, Share911, and Runva. This feature is designed to transform the classroom’s digital display from a teaching aid into an emergency broadcasting tool instantly, thereby delivering crucial response time during emergencies.

James Johnson, managing director of EdTech Breakthrough, praised Rise Vision’s solutions, stating: “Rise Vision’s digital signage offers a powerful tool for enhancing school safety. By delivering clear content and vivid imagery, it enables campuses to effectively communicate emergency information and improve response times. We are proud to recognize Rise Vision as the Student Safety Solution Provider of The Year.”

The EdTech Breakthrough Awards, which aim to honor excellence and innovation in the field of educational technology, saw over 2,400 nominations from more than 16 countries this year, highlighting the significance of Rise Vision’s achievement.

Brian Loosbrock, CEO of Rise Vision, responded to the award with gratitude, remarking, “Being named the ‘Student Safety Solution Provider of The Year’ is a testament to our dedication to school safety. Our technology is pivotal in the effective dissemination of emergency information, helping to reduce response times and save lives.”

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