Saturday, December 2, 2023

Let Zoom Media Sweat the Laundry

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Zoom Media advertising Tide plus Febreze Sport_1 Zoom Media advertising Tide plus Febreze Sport_2Procter and Gamble and Zoom Media® have teamed up to offer the first ultimate Tide plus Febreze Sport challenge where participants in selected venues in Zoom Media’s Fitness network across Canada will “Sweat the work out, not the laundry!”.

After their workout, consumers are asked to hand over their used fitness gear and put Tide plus Febreze Sport to the test. In exchange, they are awarded freshly laundered clothing from P&G along with coupons and a full size bottle of Tide plus Febreze Sport so they can take the test at home.

“Zoom Media came to the table with an innovative and intricate campaign that allows the consumer to genuinely experience the power of the product! We are excited to be Procter and Gamble’s chosen partner.” said Ivana Costantini Sr Account Director, Zoom Media.

In addition to the Tide plus Febreze Sport test, Zoom Media Classic, Extra Lit boards plus mirror, wall, and locker decals will be placed in all the fitness venues to advertise a unique laundry combination designed to stand up to sweat and keep your workout clothes fresh.

“We take pride in listening to the needs of our partners and engaging consumers in non-traditional settings. We’re creating memorable experiences,” says Chris Corvetti, Director of Sales and Media Integration at Zoom Media, “it’s what we do best! This approach for Tide is totally unique, not many media can guarantee consumer involvement as Zoom Media can.”

Procter and Gamble has continuously touched the lives of people around the world with their products and this campaign  is just an example of what can be possible when partnering with the right media company.

Starcom Mediavest Group played a pivotal role in the ideation and successful implementation of Tide’s P&G Laundry campaign program currently running with Zoom Media.

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