Wednesday, October 4, 2023

New Mobile Kiosk App From ArmorActive Offers Simplest Way To Make An iPad Kiosk

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ArmorActive iPad KioskMobile Kiosk, a free iPhone and iPad app by ArmorActive, gives customers a very simple way to utilize their own website as their kiosk application. The free app enables any website features and online marketing assets to be instantly available within the kiosk without the risk of users browsing away.

ArmorActive, an iPad security solutions company, recently announced the release of their latest app called “Mobile Kiosk,” the sixth iOS app in their rapidly growing suite of apps. Mobile Kiosk was released this week as a free download in the Apple iTunes App Store for iPhone and iPad, and provides customers with the simplest way to lock down their website or web-content for use as their iPad kiosk application. The app ultimately gives businesses the ability to take advantage of their website’s current features without trying to replicate or rebuild them in an app environment. Such website features often include data capture forms, lead generation landing pages, product demonstrations and existing product catalogs.

ArmorActive believes the majority of people who download their new Mobile Kiosk app are those who realize the cost savings of using their website as a kiosk, instead of spending the high prices on custom app development. This app also meets the needs of customers who desire to custom tailor marketing messages and re-purpose the iPad kiosk for different audiences or events.

“Since most apps are designed as a template that constrains the user to a specific purpose, the ability to use any website as a kiosk is a more dynamic solution for businesses” says Jamie Lock, CEO of ArmorActive. Jamie adds, “The most intelligent part of the app, however, is how easy it is to use. Simply enter your URL and tap the “LAUNCH” button. That’s it. The easiest iPad kiosk setup ever.”

The Mobile Kiosk’s single-purpose features focus on what users need most, including hiding the navigation and address bars, restricting browsing away from the domain, disabling zoom, and automatic content caching. ArmorActive’s customers are using Mobile Kiosk to display their products, train employees, engage consumers as digital signage, and creatively reach event attendees with websites that offer online donations.

The functionality of the app relies on blocking the operator from accessing the home button. ArmorActive offers a wide variety of iPad kiosk hardware products, which securely block the home button on the iPad and enable mounting as a public display. Another way to disable the home button is by using Guided Access within the General Settings in iOS 6. This feature still requires a display mounting solution to present the iPad as a kiosk, but provides an extra level of security to restricting users from compromising the app or displayed website.

Mobile Kiosk is currently available on Apple’s App Store and can be downloaded for free. It is designed for use on both iPhone and iPad.

About ArmorActive Inc.

ArmorActive, is a global tablet security solutions company, made in the USA. All products are designed and manufactured locally with the highest grade materials to ensure durability and security. Unique in the industry, ArmorActive also provides a team of Account Managers, educated on the latest tablet kiosk solutions, to help businesses make the best decisions at all phases of their tablet deployment projects, from procurement to implementation.

Source: ArmorActive

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