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ZIVELO Announces Launch of iPad Kiosk Product Line

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ZIVELO iPad KioskLeading Kiosk Manufacturer, ZIVELO, Launches New i Series Product Line Featuring Attractive, Public-Proof iPad Kiosks.

ZIVELO, an industry-leading manufacturer of self-service kiosk and digital signage products, announces the release of a new groundbreaking product line featuring Apple’s iPad tablet. With the demand for public iPads at an all time high, ZIVELO responds with a signature line of public-proof iPad kiosks.

The well thought through i Series expands upon the market’s existing iPad kiosk offering by featuring a fully enclosed body made of aircraft-grade aluminum, ensuring maximum security while encompassing the aesthetically pleasing designs that ZIVELO’s products are well known for. Desktop, Wallmount, and Floorstanding chassis are available along with a Signature Series option for select models. In addition to Apple’s iPad, the series has also been designed with versatility in mind and can easily be modified to accommodate a variety of tablets.

“While a handful of iPad kiosk designs have been quickly introduced into the marketplace to meet the rising demands of consumers, we’ve taken our time in developing the i Series,” said Ziver Birg, CEO of ZIVELO. “Over the course of the last year we have perfected the iPad kiosk to offer a luxury version that will not only be functional but beautiful, with ZIVELO’s signature look. We are very proud of this new product line and are excited to extend new technology and design to our customers.”

ZIVELO, who has been referred to as “the Apple of the kiosk industry” by the company’s customer, Coca-Cola, is now bringing the analogy full circle by incorporating one of Apple’s standout products into the company’s own innovative line.


ZIVELO is a manufacturer of self-service kiosk and digital signage hardware as well as an integrator of turnkey software solutions with a network of 100+ ZIVELO Certified Partners. ZIVELO’s solutions serve 40+ market sectors for clients ranging from the Fortune 100 to nearly every agency of the U.S. government. With over 250,000 square feet of manufacturing space throughout five facilities near Indianapolis as well as sales and marketing locations in Los Angeles, Denver, and Philadelphia, the company is one of the largest self-service technology providers in the world.

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Source: ZIVELO

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