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ArmorActive Helps L.L. Bean Connect with Consumers via iPad Digital Signage Displays

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ArmorActive iPad Digital Signage DisplaysL.L. Bean discovers using an iPad display as digital signage in their retail space provides unparalleled access to content for consumers and valuable data for retailers.

Companies large and small are “going mobile,” making the jump into the digital age. The challenge is finding an affordable and effective way to distribute and display digital content. Many large retailers, such as Nordstrom, Dillards and L.L. Bean, have transitioned from a traditional print catalog to a digital version delivered via iPad apps.

Seeking to stay ahead of the trends, L.L. Bean engaged with Utah-based company ArmorActive, Inc. to develop a solution for securely displaying a digital version of their catalog, on the iPad, in their retail stores. Collaborating with ArmorActive to create 75 custom iPad kiosks, L.L. Bean is now able to securely display catalogs, collect customer information, check inventories, and make sales all from a simple customer facing iPad kiosk.

ArmorActive specializes in providing businesses with iPad kiosk solutions and expert advice from start to finish. “LL Bean needed a secure solution that would also allow customers to interact with the app,” said ArmorActive Solutions Architect Andrew Jensen. “Sourcing a stand and enclosure was simple, but L.L. Bean also needed some added security tether cables, so we worked with Kensington to supply what they needed.” Kensington locking cables, made popular by their variety of security solutions, integrate perfectly into the ArmorActive stands and enclosures.

Many large retail companies have deployed pilot iPad kiosk programs to verify the effectiveness of an iPad digital signage display in their industry. Similarly, L.L. Bean started with a test program, and after seeing the value added by the iPad kiosk displays, proceeded to deploy their iPad kiosks to their retail locations throughout the Northeast.

As marketers search for ways to increase customer interaction, iPad kiosk displays will continue to grow in popularity. “Using the iPad to connect with customers in your retail space is one of the strongest advantages of an iPad kiosk display,” commented ArmorActive CMO Nick Ames. “Cross-selling, social media integration, loyalty programs, and digital catalogs are just a few of the ways we are seeing companies integrate the iPad into the retail space.”

With competition in the retail space more fierce than ever, brand loyalty and interactive customer experience continue to grow in importance. Using an iPad kiosk catalogue display, businesses are able to connect with their consumers in an in-depth, direct way.

About ArmorActive, Inc.
ArmorActive offers the largest selection of iPad kiosk products on the market at ipadenclosures.com. Unique in the industry, ArmorActive provides a team of Solutions Architects to help customers make the best decisions at all stages of their iPad kiosk projects, from procurement to implementation.

Source: ArmorActive

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