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RevelDigital logoCatalyst llc, announces their latest product for the digital signage industry:

Catalyst, a software development company who has achieved positive acceptance in numerous market sectors through successful partnerships with companies such as Intel, Polaroid, Fujitsu, Cable One, Thomson-CSF, in designing / developing applications that are cutting edge technologies, is pleased to announce their latest SAAS product:

Designed on cutting-edge technologies, allows those looking for a no-hassle solution to their digital signage needs to take advantage of current device/software advancements. There is no need for “custom” media players, hardware or engineering. RevelDigital is designed to be a platform for digital signage while allowing for the use of “apps” that pull and display data and/or information from third parties. In other words the application can adjust to all client needs without re-engineering the application or sacrificing client requirements.

“We created a web based platform for essentially any digital signage application. The concept of digital signage covers a pretty broad spectrum and we knew we had to incorporate as many industry facets as possible without sacrificing the user experience,” said, Mike Tinnes, Chief Technology Officer of Catalyst.

Tinnes sighted this sample of the feature sets in RevelDigital:

  •     Google Calendar/Spreadsheet, Flash Apps, Google Gadget integrated (just add a zone!)
  •     Intuitive, design/layout for user interaction
  •     Designed as an open platform with a publicly accessible API.
  •     Integration with the Department of Homeland Security and the National Weather Service for automated alerting.
  •     Interactivity / enhanced features through scripting in the template editor allows for complex user interactivity for kiosk applications and interaction with 3rd party applications such as Intel’s AIM suite for audience impression metrics and targeted ad display.

Multi-platforms, whether Windows 7 or Android based, are not a challenge since Revel Digital has been designed to be a platform that’s more than a one-off- solution for the digital signage industry.

The dedication to user experience is evident regarding the RevelDigital platform which delivers a clean and friendly environment while providing the flexibility component necessary for a successful digital signage network.

Intel’s AIM Business Development Manage says, “I’ve worked with many companies who have integrated AIM into their signage solutions. Catalyst’s integration was seamless and swift. Their integrated, cost-efficient product combined with their leverage of the cloud aligns nicely with customers’ expectations of value and cutting-edge technology.”

Pinpoint’s CEO, Pinchus Kellner, says: “RevelDigital provided me with all the sales tools, support and webinars for my clients that allow me to concentrate on selling. RevelDigital has never failed – in fact I am using their services to run a LED billboard in New York City and sold out my inventory in one week”.

Not only does Catalyst provide a superior digital signage product – but they also provides unlimited training and support to its clients following the company motto: “ if the client isn’t successful, the company isn’t successful”

MDI’s VP Gary Rigby stated, “”From a reseller’s perspective, Revel has been a pleasure to work with. Not only do our customers find the product full featured and easy to use but the Revel staff has been helpful to us when setting up our customers’ devices, testing the software with our customers unique content and looking over our shoulder to insure our customers’ content updates go as planned. They really have our back.”

Glowing reviews for sure, but like any shiny new product does it have a price to match?

“It’s one thing to create state of the art technology that plays the role of a game changer, but providing extremely competitive pricing allows our digital signage family greater ROI while maintaining the exceptional integrity of the product” said Tinnes.

About Catalyst llc.

Catalyst llc is a software development company whose primary goal is the continued development / expansion of the RevelDigital to be a complete media distribution site for businesses along with reporting and billing abilities for the ReSellers. Catalyst stays true to their core business, which is development and support – allowing ReSellers, VARS, OEMS to focus on sales while Catalyst provides the support and training needed for them to be successful.

Catalyst llc is committed to leveraging their expertise in the technology industry, and through their network of Global OEM/VAR/Reseller relationships to bring superior, cost-effective products to the market.

Catalyst llc is based in greater Fargo, ND,. For more information, visit or e-mail ted.r [at]

Source: Catalyst

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