Monday, April 22, 2024

Telstra & ANZ go live with Eye at Qantas

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Eye digital Out of Home network LED screens in AustraliaTelstra and ANZ are the first advertisers to go live on ‘Longreach’, Eye’s newest digital Out-of-Home network in Australia. The Longreach network presides over the busy check-in area in the Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth Qantas terminals, in locations never before available to advertisers. Each site is flanked on either side by the Qantas Flight Information Display System (FIDS), making it a guaranteed visual check point from the 330,000 passengers travelling with Qantas weekly.

The Longreach network was installed as part of the $11million investment Eye made to overhaul their media portfolio with Qantas. The LED screens installed in the Longreach network span up to 8.8m x 2.6m and are fully networked for easy and flexible content scheduling via the cloud operated server. This gives advertisers complete control to cover Australia with a uniform campaign or tailor each campaign from state to state.

Inese Kingsmill, Director Corporate Marketing, Telstra, said the network created a new opportunity for Telstra to connect with its customers: “The LED screens allow us to instantly tailor communication, so we can execute multiple targeted messages to specific audiences as they travel through the terminal. The flexibility is key as we continue to look for meaningful ways to engage with our customers.”

The Longreach network marks a pinnacle moment between Eye and Qantas, who have worked together to create a state of art media network for advertisers looking to connect across Australia in premium environments. Mark Fairhurst, General Manager – Sales, Eye, sums up the feeling at Eye: “Seeing two of our most important clients be the first up on the Longreach Network makes the significant investment we’ve made into the wide-scale install well worth it.”

Source:Eye Out-of-Home

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