Thursday, June 20, 2024

Aerva Launches AerTweet Twitter Widget for Digital Out-Of-Home Displays

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AerTweet Twitter Widget for Digital Out Of Home DisplaysMajor Brands Bring Consumers to Billboards with Tweet Integration

Twitter has become a mainstay of today’s marketing landscape, whether it’s hashtags displayed during popular TV shows or advertisers that encourage tweets about a favorite brand. Twitter’s active community and ease-of-use has made it a darling of Madison Avenue, allowing consumers and brands to interact more than ever before.

Today, Aerva makes it simple for advertisers, marketers and enterprises to better engage their consumers with AerTweet. AerTweet integrates consumer-generated tweets into billboard, microsite and other display campaigns. The technology offers brands and display network operators a highly customizable streaming Twitter feed that easily integrates with any type of digital display. This integration engages the consumer, brings them closer to the brand and increases the number of individual touch-points with any one particular display.

The technology behind AerTweet is designed to support high profile campaigns flawlessly. Aerva allows marketers to moderate tweets, detect fraud, rank retweets, report metrics and display tweets through a number of custom parameters allowing for many animation and style options.

AerTweet screenshotTaco Bell recently used AerTweet as an integral part of its extremely successful Doritos Locos Tacos multi-channel campaign. With Aerva, Taco Bell substantially increased consumer participation with the brand. Using a specifically designed hashtag, AerTweet displayed tweets on billboards in Time Square and Sunset Boulevard. Through an Aerva-created Keepsake Gallery, users were able to get a record of their tweet on the billboard or view their tweets in real-time via an Aerva-managed live stream camera feed on the Taco Bell minisite for the campaign. The result was highly engaged, invested consumers and sell-outs of the product across the country.

“The success of Taco Bell’s AerTweet project sets a new precedent for major brands and how they can employ UGC (user generated content) and social media. We develop the tools that empower brands to embrace UGC and manage the versatile and ever-changing nature of that content.” – Sanjay Mananhar, Aerva CEO.

AerTweet is the newest in a line of useful widgets created to run on the AerWave platform. Other widgets include Weather, Pic2Screen, Poll2Screen, Text2Screen, QR Code, Mobile Coupons, Mobile Contest, YouTube, Flickr and more. The AerWave platform is an easy-to-use web-based platform for managing and scheduling content on networked displays. The technology integrates social media, real-time data feeds and mobile interactivity with traditionally static display advertisements and campaigns. AerWave offers robust content management, easy scheduling and a powerful network operations system served from Aerva’s cloud services.

Source: Aerva

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