Monday, December 11, 2023

World’s most flexible touch technology ready for Digital Media Player signage networks

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Today visualplanet™ is thrilled to reveal a new version of its pioneering touchfoil™ designed exclusively to satisfy the exploding demand for touch solutions for the world’s Digital Media Player (DMP) powered signage networks.

The latest touchfoil™ solution now offers DMP digital signage suppliers and their customers the same experience that thousands of PC signage network users already enjoy; to use the critically acclaimed flexible, yet incredibly robust touchfoil™ to create an endless array of interactive solutions.

Designed with simplicity in mind, all the touchfoil™ requires is that the DMP provides a simple standard HID mouse touch screen driver with calibration capability, as the rest of the touchfoil™ setup is fully automatic. This means not only is it easily installed, but it is ready to go from the moment it’s connected. To date the touchfoil™ has been tested and is compatible with DMPs from Brightsign, Dzine and SpinetiX with others soon to be announced.

Mike Cole, Director of visualplanet says “The inspiration for visualplanet to create a digital media player compatible touchfoil™ arose from the numerous approaches by the leading media player hardware manufacturers with the desire to create interactive solutions using the remarkable flexibility of our product. Until recently this involved complex bespoke touch driver development, however this new release removes this complexity and lets the customer focus on the more important issues of design, ease of use and driving maximum return on their investment.”

The Digital Media Player compatible touchfoil™ is ideal for through window retail, exhibitions, business reception areas, indoor and waterproof outdoor kiosks and totems, way finders, bespoke interactive furniture and many more interactive solution requirements. This presents a wildly appealing opportunity to attract and fascinate customers whilst elevating business revenues.


About the touchfoil™

Each touchfoil™ is manufactured to the customer’s specific size requirements, meaning modifications to new and existing signage solutions are reduced to a minimum. Using ‘projected capacitance’ touch technology the 100 micron transparent touchfoil™ can be attached to and work through non-metallic materials such as glass up to 20mm thick. The touchfoil™ handles single and multi-touch user interaction. Shipping is simple; the touchfoil™ is rolled up and placed in a cardboard tube, making it ideal for the export market.

About visualplanet™

Established in 2002 visualplanet™ have pioneered the large format touchfoil™ market. As manufacturers of the original touchfoil™, visualplanet™ continues to develop and perfect the product and the manufacturing processes to maintain their market leading position. Visualplanet’s global partners combine the touchfoil™ with an extensive range of solutions to create experiences that engage and delight audiences all over the world.

For press information and further information please contact:

Ben Squires
Marketing Assistant, visualplanet™ Ltd
t: +44 (0) 845 123 5370

Source: visualplanet

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