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IntuiLab Advances Multi-Touch Presentation Creation In Latest Release

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IntuiLab IntuiFace Presentation Triggers and actionsIntuiFace Presentation 3.5 Introduces Triggers and Actions, Hundreds of Cause and Effect Scenarios Impacting Both Local and Network-Distributed Touchscreen Presentations. Embracing Its No Programming Promise, IntuiLab Has Packaged These Capabilities – Once Thought Exclusive to Developers – for Use by Non-Programmers.

IntuiLab, a global leader in the design, development and management of interactive experiences, is excited to announce the availability of IntuiFace Presentation Version 3.5, the latest edition of its revolutionary do-it-yourself authoring environment for the creation of rich multi-touch and sensor-enabled presentations. With this release – perhaps the most significant since its original launch in 2007 – IntuiLab puts almost unlimited design and control capabilities in the hands of non-programmers. Through Triggers and Actions, multi-touch presentations now inherit cause and effect relationships, resulting in dynamic experiences uniquely responsive to each user and their environment. These trigger and action events can be limited to a single presentation or driven across multiple network-connected presentations. They can even be initiated from third party applications or a brand new Remote Control that enables wireless control of presentations, including remote screen manipulation.

From Day One the goal of IntuiFace Presentation has been to bring drag-and-drop ease to multi-touch and sensor-based presentation creation. Preexisting images, videos, documents, maps, 3D models, etc. are automatically rendered interactive. A host of graphical design tools and techniques are then used to orchestrate the flow of information into memorable, engaging experiences. With IntuiFace Presentation Version 3.5, IntuiLab puts unprecedented power in the hands of presenters and designers who don’t possess development skills. Not only can images, videos, documents, etc. be incorporated in touchscreen presentations but they can be linked to one another in cause and effect relationships. Press a button …. start a video. Turn a page …. open an image. Browse a timeline …. open a map. There are over 200 triggers and actions that can be combined in an almost infinite number of ways using a simple menu display that eliminates all programming. Incorporation of this technique adds a layer of logic and responsiveness that far exceeds traditional presentation techniques.

Even if limited to a single presentation, Triggers and Actions would be a significant innovation. However, through the concept of Remote Actions, IntuiFace Presentation Version 3.5 enables multiple presentations to communicate with one another over a network, coordinating their actions. Presentation designers are now free to dream up multi-screen scenarios, creating – for example – their own digital signage solutions responsive to user interaction. Triggers can control any number of presentations on the local network and do so using a simple syntax that can be used by third party applications like schedulers. Control can even be extended to simple computer displays with no touchscreen capability of their own.

To illustrate the power of remote actions, IntuiLab has also released a Remote Control. Running on any iPhone, iPad or Android-based device, the IntuiPad enables presenters to wirelessly control network accessible presentations. This control is not limited to simple, universal actions like Next and Previous, typical of any slideshow. It also includes a visual touchpad enabling manipulation of all presentation content directly on the handheld device. Manual interactions like pinch, zoom, swipe and rotate are all possible. In fact, with this visual touchpad functionality, presenters can project their presentations on standard, no-touch displays.

“IntuiLab believes interactive presentations are the inevitable successors of today’s more traditional presentation creation options. Touch, gesture, and other sensor-based interactions will become commonplace and presentation creation will be accessible to anyone with a message and an audience,” says Vincent Encontre, IntuiLab’s CEO. “With IntuiFace Presentation 3.5 I believe we have set the stage for this transition. Our customers and partners are freed to bring their ideas to life, not expend energy on the process of creation. The results are visionary, memorable and highly engaging.”

IntuiFace Presentation Version 3.5 can be downloaded for a free 21 day trial from IntuiFace Presentation Composer enables presentation design on any computer running Windows 7. IntuiFace Presentation Player enables presentation execution on any touch-enabled Windows 7 device – including tablets, tables, kiosks and walls. In-the-field examples of applications built by IntuiFace Presentation customers can be found here.

About IntuiLab
Founded in 2002 and headquartered in Toulouse, France, IntuiLab is a global leader in the design, development and management of innovative interactive experiences. IntuiLab’s core technology has been applied to do-it-yourself interactive presentation creation through IntuiFace Presentation and to retail for in-store interactivity through IntuiFace Commerce. IntuiLab partners with a large variety of Tier 1 and Tier 2 industry players and has clients in multiple sectors including grocery, apparel, specialty, convenience, telecom and banking/insurance.

Source: IntuiLab

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