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Engage Production delivers world’s largest multi-touch, interactive wall for global client

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MultiTouch worlds biggest multi touch interactive wall 2Videowall is the centerpiece of a spectacular business comms facility

Engage Production Ltd, specialists in interactive technologies for branded environments, has announced the completion of the world’s largest multi-touch, interactive wall – comprising 24x 55inch multitouch LCD displays – for a renowned global company based in the City of London, as part of a fully integrated and completely unique communications facility.

The client, a City of London-based concern providing advice on business advancement, asked Engage to create a unique or ‘Executive Brand Suite’ that would enable communications through an array of state-of-the-art equipment, and showcase the rapid speed at which the consumer is changing as a result of the lightning-fast rate of technological development. The results are nothing short of spectacular.

As a leading supplier and integrator of cutting-edge technologies, Engage proposed that the focal point of the business suite should be a giant multi-touch videowall. At a whopping 9.9m x 2.1m – 3m high including the base – the sheer scale of the finished product is nothing short of breathtaking. Comprising 24x 55inch MultiTaction Cell displays, produced by MultiTouch Ltd, the wall is the biggest interactive multitouch display in the world, and is able to function as one unit whilst interacting with tablet devices.

Recently shortlisted by AV Magazine for Interactive Presentation Product of the Year 2012,

MultiTaction multitouch Cells are stackable and able to work together as one huge screen to process the touches of an infinite number of concurrent users. Engage, the leading European supplier of MultiTouch products, included integrated video conferencing facilities on the videowall so that the client can interact with guest speakers from anywhere in the world.

“We know the importance our client places on delivering crucial and relevant presentations in an entertaining and engaging way,” explains Toby Price, operations director at Engage. “The installation of such a huge videowall as a central feature of what must surely be the most advance business suite of its kind not only reflects that ethos but also creates an unforgettable visual impact.”

Another major feature of the facility is the business sphere. Content, which is controlled by the presenter via tablet, is projected on to a curved surface. Using edge blending server software, three HD projectors combine to create a seamless image. A high-quality audio system is also provided. Engage supplied this as well as a presenter’s tablet as a means of navigation.

While the videowall and business sphere are undoubtedly major features of the facility, Engage’s solution also includes the supply and integration of a huge array of additional technical equipment servicing three distinct working areas. Amongst these are the two Samsung SUR40 multitouch tables, utilising technology previously known as Microsoft Surface, but now called PixelSense.

As well as these major, highly visible pieces of equipment, Engage was responsible for providing the infrastructure, lighting control, DMX, uninterruptable power supplies, CMS server, show controller, and all the components necessary for integration.

“This has been an exciting and rewarding project from start to finish and I’m delighted that we were given the opportunity,” comments Steve Blyth, managing director of Engage. “It’s not every day you get to build the world’s biggest multitouch videowall, and the result is nothing short of stunning. The feedback I’ve had so far suggests that our client and their customers feel the same.”

Engage retains an ongoing relationship with this client, with on-site support services and plans in place for upgrades and additions to the business suite in 2013.

Because the face of technology continues to evolve at such a rapid pace, Engage keeps a steady gaze on developments enabling it to maintain a portfolio of solutions that is not simply up to the minute but is way ahead of creative and trend curves. By keeping so far ahead of the game, Engage proves that almost anything is possible, and one look at this breath-taking facility – without doubt one of the most impressive projects Engage has carried out to date – is proof that Engage’s enthusiasm and innovation is boundless.

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Source: Engage Production

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