May 30, 2023

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ATEN Debuts Complete Long-Distance HDMI Digital Signage Solution

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New VS1804/VS1808T Splitters Transmit High-Definition Video to Displays Over CAT5

ATEN today announced the debut of its first complete long-distance HDMI digital signage solution. The ATEN VS1804T and VS1808T HDMI Over CAT5 Video Splitters provide quick and efficient means to move HDMI multimedia content and HDCP information from input source to four or eight displays. A one-to-many, point-to-multipoint system for the transmission of high definition video and audio, the VS1804T and VS1808T transmit rich multimedia content in real-time from HDMI source devices to HDMI display devices via CAT5e cables. Part of ATEN’s VanCryst™ line of professional A/V solutions, the splitters provide flexibility for a customized digital signage or HDMI display installation.

The VS1804T/VS1808T splitters are ideal for any A/V installation that requires HDMI content to be delivered to multiple destinations, such as in-store or trade show digital signage, public locations such as airports and train stations, sporting events, theaters and lecture halls as well as classrooms and training facilities. Flexible and scalable, the new CAT5 video splitters provide users with the freedom and means to set up a wide variety of high-quality video display installation. The VS1804T/VS1808T splitters support 3D video capabilities which are the future for many displays and content sources, especially in the gaming entertainment industry.

When connected to the included VE800R HDMI Extender, the VS1804T/VS1808T splitters can deliver signals up to 200 feet away from HDMI source devices. The VE800R is equipped with HDMI connectors and is capable of supporting DVI-D (Single-Link) equipment when used with a HDMI-to-DVI adapter, providing greater flexibility and installation options for integrating home theater components.

One specific application of the VanCryst™ VS1804T/VS1808T is education within the classroom. Enhancing the learning experience, the ATEN A/V splitters enable educators to distribute the audio and video signals from a laptop or whiteboard camera to several large, flat screen monitors that are easily viewable by all students in expansive rooms or lecture halls/auditoriums. The ATEN A/V splitters allow monitors to be positioned anywhere in a room thereby enabling all students to receive the same quality of instruction. At InfoComm 2012, held next week in Las Vegas, ATEN will provide live demonstrations of this education application at booth number N451.

“We’re pleased to unveil our first complete, long distance HDMI digital signage solution. By leveraging CAT5e technology, users can transmit one HDMI source to as many as eight displays,” explained James Hsieh, CEO of ATEN. “As the market for HDMI continues to proliferate, organizations will require and seek out solutions such as the VS1804T/VS1808T, especially for applications such as retail advertising, large-scale digital signage, sporting events and more.”

Key Highlights of the ATEN VS1804T/VS1808T

  •     One HDMI input to four or eight HDMI outputs via CAT5e cables
  •     Extends displays up to 200 feet
  •     Offers local HDMI output
  •     HDCP compatible
  •     Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) allows interconnected HDMI devices to communicate and respond to one remote control
  •     Excellent video quality – HDTV resolutions of 480p, 720p, 1080i and 1080p (1920 x 1080)
  •     Rack-mountable
  •     EDID mode selection
  •     HDMI (3D, Deep Color)
  •     Cascadable to three levels

About ATEN
ATEN is a leading manufacturer of KVM (keyboard/video/mouse) switches in addition to remote management, LCD consoles, video and data connectivity solutions. The company’s product line supports a range of data center, desktop and digital signage environments serving enterprise, government, SME and SOHO customers. ATEN has offices in California and New Jersey as well as Taiwan, Belgium, Korea, Japan, China and United Kingdom. For more information, contact ATEN at (888) 999-ATEN or 949-428-1111, via the Web at,, Twitter or Facebook.

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