Thursday, October 5, 2023

Full HD Digital Signage Player Stretches the Possibilities

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NEXCOM digital signage player, NDiS 165, is a surefire solution for multi-screen display deployment. Powered by the latest AMD Embedded R-series APU integrated with Radeon™ HD 7000 Graphics engine, NDiS 165 supports DirectX® 11 and provides accelerated yet power-efficient graphics processing performance and video encoding features. Together with AMD Eyefinity technology, NDiS 165 is capable of stretching high definition content across three HDMI displays. It is the perfect solution for a wide range of multi-screen digital signage deployment within entertainment, hospitality, heath care, retail, education and more.

Based on the new architecture of the latest AMD Embedded R-series APU integrated with Radeon™ HD 7000 Graphics engine, NDiS 165 features DirectX® 11 and UVD 3.0 (Unified Video Decoder) support and can speed up 3D processing, video encoding and protected content decryption. The digital signage player enables smooth Full HD content playback of mainstream file formats including MVC for Blue-ray 3D. More importantly, the improved graphics processing efficiency coincides with a power consumption of a mere 35W.

NDiS 165 bundled with AMD A70M Controller Hub supports three HDMI displays in flexible display configurations through AMD Eyefinity technology. The digital signage player can not only align images across three displays to create life-sized digital poster, but also extend display area to deliver as much information as possible.

As for installation and maintenance concerns, the unified display interface of HDMI allows users to hook three displays directly to the digital signage player without discrete connectors. Onsite update will take only one-tenth of time via USB 3.0 at the speed of 5Gb/s, up from 480 Mb/s of USB 2.0. 3G/Wi-Fi wireless communication and undefined contents such as TV program can also be incorporated via two mini-PCIe slots. While I/O ports are located at the back, eight LED status indicators on the front panel will help diagnose specific hardware issues.

Target Application

  • Digital menu board
  • Advertising and promotion
  • Branding
  • Information display

Main Features

  • AMD Embedded R-series APU
  • Integrated AMD Radeon™ HD 7000 Graphics
  • Support for UVD 3.0 and DirectX 11
  • 3x HDMI Outputs
  • 4x USB 3.0 Support
  • WLAN / TV Tuner Support

Ordering Information

NDiS 165 (P/N: 10W00016500X0)

AMD R-series Dual/ Quad processors, AMD Hudson-M3 A70M chipset

About NEXCOM: Founded in 1992, NEXCOM is dedicated to enhancing the value of its customers’ businesses by continuing to develop products incorporating the latest technology and working closely with global partners to meet critical requirements. A wide range from cost-effective to high-performance, feature-rich digital signage solutions are created to address the broad spectrum of applications.

Source: NEXCOM

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