Sunday, June 16, 2024

Caltron introduces the MP-1080B to the Digital Signage Player line

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With such a great need for digital signage to improve to keep up with the demands of distinguishable displays, Caltron has added the MP-1080B, Standalone High Definition Digital Signage Player to the signage player line.  With new files constantly being created to show the best possible content, new media player have to be created to encompass these files.

Caltron MP-1080B HD Digital Signage PlayerThe MP-1080B comes with many great features that digital signage players should come with.   The MP-1080B can use an SD card that holds up to 32GB of content, providing lots of high definition quality videos and images.  This media player is capable of looping content 24/7 and is small and compact enough to be easily hidden away from the any area visible to and possible visitors.

Standard features on the high definition signage player include playing content in 1920 x 1080 resolution or 1080P format.  The digital signage player can also play H.264 files along with many other file formats that most players are unable to do.

The MP-1080B is perfect for applications that require high definition content to be shown, while leaving a small footprint.  The digital signage player is industrial grade and is capable of enduring harsh environments without failing, even when put into strong endurance tests.

Matching the MP-1080B, Standalone High Definition Digital Signage Player with one of Caltron’s Open Frame Monitors or Touch Screen Monitors can create a powerful dynamic display, especially when integrated into an enclosure or unique application.

To test a player today, please contact a sales representative at sales [at] or by calling (510)440-1800.

Source: Caltron

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