Wednesday, December 6, 2023

AdSemble Launches “DOOHFeed” To Centralize The Conversation About Digital Out Of Home (DOOH)

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Digital Signage Advertising NetworkLos Gatos Based DOOH Advertising Network AdSemble Has Released a Unique Web App That Allows Members of the DOOH Industry to Share and Vote on Industry Related Articles

Today marks a new day in the world of Digital Out of Home (DOOH). Los Gatos based Digital Signage Advertising Network AdSemble has launched a web app that acts as a centralized discussion hub for anything related to DOOH.

The new addition to the AdSemble website allows users to share articles related to DOOH and vote on their favorites. Similar to websites like Digg and Reddit, DOOHFeed is a place where DOOH industry members can discover what articles are receiving the most buzz, and what articles may not be worth investigating further.

The website also acts as a great place for new or lesser-known DOOH writers to get more attention towards their publications.

In an interview, AdSemble’s Jason Habing shed some light on the motivation behind, goals of, and future plans for the DOOH Feed.

“There has always been a gap in the exploration of DOOH publications. There are plenty of media outlets, but no way to sift through or sort all the news. We created DOOHFeed to solve this very problem.”

When asked about the future of DOOHFeed, Habing described a vision of “the go-to online community for DOOH industry members.”

For now, the Beta version web app is fully functional, allowing users to upload links and vote on posted links, but Habing describes a future 2.0 version where members can “message other users, create industry specific groups, and create a truly centralized DOOH community.”

There has already been some early adoption to the app, and AdSemble expects impressive growth in the next few months.

For more information, or to test out the app, visit the AdSemble DOOHFeed right now.

Source: AdSemble

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