Thursday, April 18, 2024

Creating Videos is Easier than Ever with new VSI 2.0

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Visible Spectrum logoVisible Spectrum, Inc. (“VSI”) located in Burr Ridge, IL . . . having just completed its 1200thcustom video composition . . . today introduced VSI 2.0, a major enhancement of its web-based system for effortlessly creating videos in HD for any digital platform.

Creating videos is now easier than ever because VSI 2.0 allows users to more easily drag and drop images and/or video from VSI’s 17.5 million asset cloud to compositions, via VSI’s newly designed media browser and content editor now simultaneously available on the user’s screen.  VSI 2.0 also allows the user to upload directly to Brightcove for distribution, in appropriate file formats, to all digital platforms.

John Malec, VSI CEO, stated:  “One of the key advantages of VSI’s cloud-based video creation tool is the ability to preview compositions in real time, importing stock video and image assets without requiring purchase of these assets at the preview stage.  Only at VSI can a user evaluate stock assets in real time in the context of the composition being created.  VSI 2.0 makes that process easier than ever.”

VSI 2.0 also grants access to a library of images of current consumer packaged goods for the first time.  These images, provided via a partnerships agreement with, are available via VSI’s platform at no cost for use in point-of-sale promotions and other authorized purposes.

VSI also offers a White Label and an Enterprise License that provide additional capabilities.  Licensed users may create and upload their own templates for subsequent customization on the platform.  They may automate the customization of content by linking to a database to fill in price or text fields.  And, they receive secure private storage of assets in VSI’s cloud.

White Label Licensees run VSI’s functionality on their own web site, wrapped in their branding.  They also are provided with direct placement of video files into their Content Management Software (CMS) via an API.

Founded in 2011, Visible Spectrum, Inc. provides a web-based cloud platform for creating custom HD video for any digital platform – Internet, TV, DOOH or Mobile platforms.  At VSI, you always get to see it before you buy it.  Only when the user is satisfied with the final result is the composition purchased – at a low cost usually between $125 and $250.  Customized copies of any master composition may be produced for only $15.

Source: Visible Spectrum

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