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Zoom Media and agency lg2 win grand prize in indoor advertising at Crea Awards

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Zoom Media Inc. – the largest targeted lifestyle media in Canada ( – in partnership with advertising agency lg2, is pleased to announce that they have won the grand prize for indoor advertising in the unique campaign category at this year’s Crea Awards ( celebrating the best advertising of the year in Quebec. The campaign created by lg2, for client Life Saving Society ran for eight weeks in 2011 on a video screen in the men’s washroom of Newtown, an upscale resto-bar in Montreal. The media strategy dramatized what can happen in a split second of inattentiveness while watching a young child swimming. The screen was placed over the urinals where the message was sure to have a captive audience. A remote speaker was placed on the wall opposite to the monitor to distract the viewer’s eyes midway through the spot, and when returned to the screen, the image delivered a chilling message that a moment’s distraction can have dire consequences. Click here for video demonstration.

“The indoor installation literally captured an audience and delivered a powerful, personal and indelible experience for which we are proud to have won a Crea,” says Dianne Theberge, director of communications, Life Saving Society.

“Placing the monitor in washrooms assured us that the message would be seen and heard,” says Cathy Fernandes, president and chief operating officer, Zoom Media. “The placement of a remote speaker to draw the viewer’s eyes away from the screen dramatically demonstrated the focus of the campaign and the award underscores the power of indoor advertising,” she explained.

The campaign creative, developed by agency lg2, shows a child swimming across the video frame in a swimming pool. The remote speaker is activated and a woman’s alarmed voice explains she has mistaken the men’s washroom for the women’s, which draws the viewer’s eyes away from the screen. When the viewer’s eyes return to the screen only an outline remains where the child once was, indicating the child has drowned.

Involvement on the media side is credited to Gabriel Landry, vice-president, creative and production, and Geneviève Durocher, account executive, both of Zoom Media, Montreal.

About Zoom Media

Zoom Media Inc. is the largest targeted lifestyle media in Canada, comprising more than 30,000 billboards in over 4,000 establishments across 30 markets, including Quebec City, Montreal, Toronto, Calgary, Edmonton and Vancouver. Zoom Media reaches specific target audiences through eight complementary networks that include resto-bars, college and university campuses, and fitness centers. Research, event marketing, creative production and media integration services are also provided. Zoom Media is a member of COMB and provides audited circulation of its advertising panels. Zoom Media is also a founding member of OMAC and a board member of CODA. Overall, Zoom Media Group Inc. owns and operates over 80,000 billboards across North America and Europe, of which more than 26,000 are digital.

Source: Zoom Media

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