Monday, December 11, 2023

Scala Introduces Leading Indicators CxO Board – New Digital Signage Category which Commands Attention of Busy Executives to Metrics that Matter Most to Business

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Leading Indicators CxO Board Provides Barometer to Visualize Business Success

At the Digital Signage Expo 2012, Scala, Inc. today introduced the Leading Indicators CxO Board, a new, exclusive product using Scala software and digital displays that acts as a business barometer highlighting key performance indicators (KPIs), goals, achievements and other metrics. It enables c-level executives, directors and managers to create easily a motivational measurement display of metrics critical to business success.

With the CxO Board, companies can visually track leads and sales, measure regional goals and even show sales costs by individual, group or district. By visualizing critical business intelligence in a prominent and compelling presentation, executives can underscore the immediacy of the current situation, drive priorities through an organization and maintain focus on key performance initiatives. The content is designed to be presented on digital displays right in executive offices and conference rooms.

“Busy executives face a daily challenge of getting to and digesting the business information that overloads their desktops and smart phones – with truly important data sometimes getting lost in the clutter,” said Tom Nix, Scala CEO. “The Leading Indicators CxO Board addresses this issue by presenting essential data in a dynamic and bold way that commands attention, helping executives stay current with real-time information at a glance.”

Scala’s CxO Board provides organizations the ability to visualize even the most complicated data and monitor KPIs using easy drag-and-drop software tools to organize data quickly just the way executives want to see it. The CxO Board updates data automatically so content is always up-to-date. It enables companies to:

  •     Import, monitor and manage KPIs from and other data streams.
  •     View trends based on business, people, industry and environmental factors.
  •     Visualize data dynamically.
  •     Automate alarm events to highlight goal achievement as well as underperformance.

Leading Indicators CxO Board Components
The Leading Indicators CxO Board has three software components.

Scala CxO Designer tool software enables displays to be built from a series of dashboards which are created using graphical widgets to show user-selected business metrics that leverage existing customer data sources. The widgets – which include bar charts, 3D pie charts, line charts and more – allow the metrics to be presented in a dynamic and dramatic way on digital displays.

The CxO Designer interfaces with Scala CxO Data Connector software that automatically connects customer data from and other sources into the widgets for display, leveraging existing data investments and keeping content fresh. Scala CxO Player software manages display of the complete presentation of widgets on a network of digital signage displays.

The CxO Board is an ideal complement to existing Corporate Communications digital signage networks already in place to reach employees with critical and time-sensitive messaging.

About Scala

Driving more than 500,000 screens worldwide, Scala Inc. is a leading global provider of digital signage and advertising management solutions. Scala is the world’s first connected signage company, offering the leading platforms for content creation, management and distribution in digital signage networks and the first unified platform for advertising management of both traditional and digital signage networks. Scala is headquartered near Philadelphia, Pa., and has subsidiaries in Canada, The Netherlands, France, Norway, Germany, Japan and India, as well as more than 500 partners in more than 90 countries. For more information, visit: or the Scala blog. Connect with Scala via Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

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