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ASI offers guidance on adhering to new ADA signage standards

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With deadline looming to implement changes, expertise and information are even more critical

ASI, a global architectural signage firm that specializes in providing consultative services in wayfinding and identity solutions for hospitals, educational institutions and other large commercial and public facilities, has published a handout detailing the changes required under the 2010 ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) Standards for Accessible Design. All U.S. states must adopt and begin enforcing the new standards by March 15, 2012.

“With respect to signage, the changes primarily affect public accommodations within the U.S., which means that over five million facilities are impacted including but not limited to hotels, restaurants, hospitals, physician’s offices, schools, stores, movie theaters, convention centers, libraries, banks, museums and airports,” noted Kelly David, Director of Marketing and Product Management at ASI. “Given that it is a federal law and that ADA compliance is such a critical part of good wayfinding, it’s important that builders, building managers and others involved in the design and remodeling of public facilities be aware of the changes and how they will affect their industry.”

The handout from ASI seeks to clarify the impending changes and provide guidance on how facilities can be in full compliance by the deadline. Just as important, the handout also offers information on how the guidelines affect signage, including sections describing the sign types that are exempt from ADA Standards and featuring examples of ADA-compliant signs. Other important information includes illustrations and descriptions of ADA-compliant wayfinding elements and signage to ensure accessibility.

Many businesses will already be in compliance with the new standards, and a number of states and municipalities have taken it upon themselves to implement and adopt the changes well ahead of the compliance deadline. Still, many organizations may not be aware of the changes and compliance deadline described within the 2010 ADA Standards. Cost, familiarization with the requirements, or having the means by which to implement them, can influence the likelihood of compliance by a facility.

“Aside from the fact that it’s a federal requirement, adhering to the revised ADA Standards doesn’t have to be painful or costly,” David said. “There are so many different options to deploy signage that not only meet the federal guidelines but also harmonize seamlessly with the facility’s branding and wayfinding needs, while also meeting your budget needs. The key is to work with an experienced and knowledgeable signage consultant well-versed in the new standards and who can translate them into a signage solution that will fulfill your institution’s wayfinding and messaging goals.”

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